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Monthly Archive for: ‘August, 2013’

  • Full Moon San Francisco Bay

    Full Moon Astrology Aug 20 to 28

    In the coming days, especially this week leading up to next week’s Last Quarter Moon, we are faced with one of two paths. On the one hand there is expansion, creativity, and inner freedom. On the other hand there is security, integration, and stability. The contrast is clear, and from the chart it appears that many of us will be predominantly in one or another of these patterns.

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  • Last Quarter Moon Bodhi Pra

    Weekly Reading: Last Quarter Moon Astrology Aug 28 to Sept 5

    The relationship between Venus and Mars is the keynote of this week’s chart . These planets are normally complementary, however this week they are out of sync. Their relationship this week will raise circumstances of contrast and conflict that require you to go within. This is because internally, they are still working in harmony. It’s only in the external world that they are seemingly in conflict.

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  • Alchemy I

    The Level I Alchemy Mastery Program

    Taking Your Life to the Next Level in 2015 If you’re ready to step into your full potential, this program has been designed just for you. The Alchemy Mastery Program is dedicated to helping you create practical, powerful, and lasting changes in your life. You’ll …

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