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The Level II Advanced Alchemy Program

The Level II Advanced Alchemy Program

Level II – Sacred Number and You

Expand Your Connection with the Cosmos

Sacred Geometry The Alchemy Mystery School Sacred numbers are the building blocks of the entire Universe. Indeed, everything we know is born from Number.

This program integrates rich creative exploration with personal support to integrate what you learn into the unfolding circumstances of your personal and professional life.

See the world with new eyes and learn to be a “practical mystic” in your daily life.

Walking the Path of the Mystic in the World

Our 9-month exploration of sacred number will open you to experience your world with new eyes. Each month you will receive practical tools for integrating the power of sacred number into your personal and professional life.

In the process, you will connect more deeply with your intuitive abilities and inner wisdom. You will learn to participate intentionally with the underlying Beauty of the Universe.

New Spiritual Technology each Month

  • Tarot. Explore constellations 1-9. Develop a new level of mastery.
  • Feng Shui Bagua. The sacred map of your home and workplace. Monthly activities.
  • Astrology. Exploring the zodiac through the sequence of number.
  • Body Work. Access your Chakras through sacred number. (Also Yoga and other modalities)
  • Mantra. Receive a monthly focus and develop a full repertoire.
  • Meditation. Monthly mindfulness tools for expanding your inner realms.

The Power of the Group

  • Finding Your Tribe
  • Engaging the Group Matrix for Your Own Support
  • Experiencing New Levels of Stability, Confidence, and Joy

Overall Logistics

Scheduled Meetings:

  • Monthly Workshops meet the 3rd Saturday of each month, 10 am – 5 pm. The format includes an introduction to each month’s new theme, including a visual presentation, creative activities, and new Tarot spreads.
  • Evening Tarot Circle meets the first Monday of each month, 7-9 pm. The format includes a presentation, group discussion and shared Tarot readings.
  • Optional Small Group Calls – Recommended weekly (or bi-weekly) calls with other members of the group will anchor your intentions and personal explorations.

Additional Elements:

  • Astrology: Each Saturday Workshop is launched at a new zodiac sign. The zodiac and other astrology will be integrated into each month’s exploration.
  • Tarot: New spreads each month. Group readings support your personal life in tangible ways and support your ability to read for others.
  • Other Creative Activities: Each month there will be an abundance of new Feng Shui and other tools that allow you to explore and integrate your learning in practical ways.

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This program is open to all graduates of the Level I Program.

Other applicants will have experience in the following:

  • Daily personal practices that integrate physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well being.
  • Knowledge of the human energy system, such as chakras and meridians, and corresponding practices related to grounding and embodiment.
  • Basic knowledge of Tarot. Beginners can enroll in the next scheduled Introduction to Tarot Workshop.
  • Access to personal healing tools via self and other practitioners, allowing for support when needs arise.


Programs are Limited to only 12 People. Don’t Miss Out. Register Now!

Register by January 15 and Save.

Tuition and Registration


Seattle’s Alchemy Mystery School offers spiritual coaching and training based on the ancient wisdom of the mystery school teachings. Our holistic and modern approach incorporates metaphysics, numerology, alchemy, astrology, and tarot.

Are You Eager to Learn More?

Visit The Alchemy Mastery School for additional program details.

You’re also welcome to contact me HERE. We’ll set up a time to answer your questions and explore the ways that the Alchemy Program can meet your needs for the coming year.

Elizabeth Schermer & Fundamental Feng Shui, Seattle, Washington

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