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  • Year of the Horse

    Winter Events

    Year of the Horse Presentations: Feb 13 and 19 New Year Tarot Weekend: Feb 22-23, includes Intro to Tarot Alchemy Mastery Program begins Mar 1: enrollment is open now! Reiki Training: Mar 7 – 9 Monthly Manifesting Sessions: Feb 5, Mar 5, April 2, May …

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  • Winter Solstice Tree

    Receiving the Gift of Light

    Each year the Winter Solstice marks the longest night of the year. Throughout the ages people have gathered in these days to celebrate the return of the Sun. Beginning December 22nd, for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, the days will lengthen and the …

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  • Solstice Candle

    Feng Shui Tip for Winter: Nurturing Fire

    Even though we no longer rely on a central fire in our homes for survival, tending to the hearth is a necessary and important part of winter health and well being. To nurture your hearth, the “Heart” of your home, I recommend designating a candle …

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  • Fall Tree Roots 600

    Finding Your Balance from Within

    The season of Fall offers a unique opportunity for growth. As the vitality of the Sun is waning and the Night is gaining strength, we are challenged to dig deep. In the same way that the trees withdraw their sap from their branches, release their …

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  • Helpful Friends Box Resized

    Feng Shui for Fall: Helpful Friends

    The Helpful Friends area of the Bagua activates the experience of reciprocity and support in your life. This area is associated with the element of Metal and the season of Fall. To locate the Helpful Friends area within a space, look to the right corner …

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  • Lunar Eclipse Low

    Full Moon Lunar Eclipse – A Month of Blessings

    Happy Full Moon! Today’s Lunar Eclipse is delivering a very special gift in the form of a new connection with your Higher Self, and a new experience of wholeness in your life. This gift will be available for the coming month, until next month’s Full …

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