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  • 11 11 15

    New Moon Tarot: Finding Your Treasure Within

    Happy New Moon! This month’s Scorpio New Moon is on Wednesday, Nov. 11 at 9:47 AM PT. Scorpio is all about going deep. This Moon supports your ability to go beneath the surface of things, to see beyond superficial appearance and connect with the deeper …

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  • 10 27 15 1

    Full Moon Tarot Reading: Abundant Well-Being is Yours

    The Taurus Full Moon brings you the opportunity to expand into new forms of well being and abundance. Taurus is represented by The Hierophant in Tarot. The Hierophant is known as the high priest. He is also called the “Healer-Teacher,” because he shows us how to embody our spiritual beings in the world in practical ways.

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  • 10 9 15 2

    New Moon Tarot: Beauty, Trust, and Love

    Happy New Moon! This Libra New Moon marks the mid-point of the multi-dimensional portal that opened with last month’s Lunar Eclipse. You are invited now to expand into new realms and new dimensions of awareness. In the midst of this growth, the New Moon offers …

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  • Egypt in the glow of the Sphinx

    You’re Invited: “Mysteries of Egypt” Trip Presentation

    Hi Friends, Egypt is calling! Join Irene Ingalls and me this coming Thursday evening to learn all about our upcoming trip to Egypt, January 16-30, 2016. There are a few spots still open for January’s trip. If you have ever dreamed of visiting the sacred …

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  • The Universe

    Full Moon Eclipse Tarot Reading: Entering a New Dimension

    Happy Full Moon! This weekend’s Full Moon in Aries is supporting your ability to fully show up to new potentials in your life. If you’re ready to step into new possibilities, then this Moon will definitely support that expansion. At the same time, the force …

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  • 9 11 15 1

    New Moon Tarot Reading: Claiming Your Path of Purpose

    Happy New Moon! The Virgo New Moon is all about helping you connect to your inner guidance and your path of purpose in the world. In the tarot, Virgo is related to The Hermit. Through The Hermit we learn how to walk the path of …

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  • [Full Moon Tarot Reading] Blessings of the Pisces Moon

    Happy Full Moon! I’m writing your message while on an amazing retreat in Montana.We close on Saturday night with a Full Moon ceremony. I say that because today’s email doesn’t include the usual video intuitive reading. I want you to know that instead, I am …

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  • Lust Strength

    New Moon Tarot: A Gift of Vitality and Personal Power

    Happy New Moon! Today’s New Moon in Leo brings a gift of creativity, vitality, and inspired leadership. Leo is all about helping you access your creative power. The tarot card associated with Leo is traditionally called Strength. In the Thoth deck, the word “Lust” refers …

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  • Full Moon April 14 2

    Full Moon Tarot Reading – Drawing Down the Light

    The Star of Tarot represents Aquarius and is a perfect image for understanding the gifts of this Aquarius Full Moon. This month’s Full Moon offers inspiration and a new ability to connect with your Higher Self and embrace your light. It’s time to claim your brilliance and celebrate your life.

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  • 10 7 Tarot 1

    New Moon Tarot – A Gift of Emotional Freedom

    This week’s Cancer New Moon offers you a gift of emotional clarity and freedom. You can receive a new capacity to live from your heart and come into full relationship with all of the circumstances of your life.

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  • 7 1 15 1

    Full Moon Tarot – Rely on Your Inner Light

    The current cycle, especially since the New Moon two weeks ago, is intensely charged and can be emotionally overwhelming. This Capricorn Full Moon is offering support in the form of inner trust and confidence, and new insights into practical steps forward.

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  • Bronze Forest Moon

    The Gifts of the Lunar Eclipse

    Happy Full Moon! Today’s Lunar Eclipse delivers precious gifts from the Cosmos. The gifts are delivered in the form of light beyond our solar system. This happens during the eclipse when the Moon temporarily loses contact with the Sun. At the moment when the Moon …

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