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  • Princess Of Discs

    Full Moon Tarot Reading – Blessings of Creativity and New Awareness

    With this month’s Full Moon we receive the opportunity for expanded creativity and intuitive awareness, especially if we’re able to access the opportunities in the present moment.

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  • 5 23 Tarot 3

    New Moon Tarot Reading – Expanding into Your Destiny

    This month’s New Moon Spread is an expansion of the Full Moon message from two weeks ago, as we re-visit the Universe and Hanged Man cards with a message of blessing for the coming month.

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  • The Universe

    Full Moon Tarot Reading – Celebrating Your Lust for Life

    The light of the Full Moon woke me in the week hours of this morning, not long after midnight, and I just couldn’t stay in bed. Baba the Cat and I sat on the front steps for a half hour in the quiet stillness and …

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  • 4 28 Tarot 2

    New Moon Tarot Reading – New Gifts of Happiness

    The Taurus New Moon brings happiness, abundance, and new opportunities to your life, This New Moon Tarot reading shows how you can access the fullest gifts and potentials of the coming month.

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  • The Sun

    Tarot Reading – The Gifts of the Lunar Eclipse

    This Full Moon Eclipse reading is one of the most spectacular tarot spreads I’ve ever experienced. The cards illustrate the unique gifts and opportunities available in the coming days.

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  • New Moon March 30 4

    Tarot Reading – New Moon Mar 30

    The Aries New Moon occurs at 11:45 am PDT on Sunday, March 30. This month’s New Moon follows a couple of weeks of intense and conflicting energies. Just 4 days after the Full Moon, during a powerful period of “letting go,” we also celebrated Spring …

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  • Feb New Moon Tarot Spread 2

    [Tarot Reading] New Moon Feb 28

    The Pisces New Moon occurs at 11:59 pm Friday, Feb 28. This month’s New Moon is highlighting your emotional intelligence, as well as your intuition, to help you connect more fully to your life path. There’s a unique opportunity this month to access new creative …

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  • Organizing Your Closet

    Feng Shui Tip: Get a Head Start on Spring Cleaning

    This spring is all about vitality, and one of the best ways to free up new energy is by clearing clutter and organizing your space. Remember, this spring of the Wood Horse year is a good time to set new habits. Choose a simple project …

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  • Year Of The Horse 4

    Three Secrets to Success in 2014

    Every season holds unique opportunities. By understanding the “flavor” of the current cycle, you can live more intentionally in the flow. The beginning of the Wood Horse year is characterized by youthful exuberance and unrestricted energy. It’s an undisciplined, unfocused, pure flow of life force. …

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  • [Feb Newsletter] Three Secrets to Your Success in 2014

    Have you noticed the sense of vitality in the air? In the traditional Earth calendar we are already in the season of Spring. New life is abundant and irrepressible. Today’s newsletter is offered in celebration of new beginnings.  Here’s to your health and well being …

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  • Feb Full Moon Tarot Spread 3

    Tarot Reading Full Moon Feb 14

    Today’s Full Moon Spread highlights the challenges and opportunities available to us this spring. The strong energies of the Wood Horse year will lead to the potential for overwhelment and distraction, symbolized by the 5 of Wands, Strife, in the position of Body. This will …

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  • Seattle Seahawks 1

    Lessons from the Super Bowl – Claiming the Shadow and Finding Your Lust for Life

    There’s a parade in Seattle today. It’s expected to be the largest gathering in the history of the city.  We’re a little bit excited about our football team and today we welcome them home. Did you see the Super Bowl? What unfolded Sunday on the …

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