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  • Organizing Your Closet

    Feng Shui Tip: Get a Head Start on Spring Cleaning

    This spring is all about vitality, and one of the best ways to free up new energy is by clearing clutter and organizing your space. Remember, this spring of the Wood Horse year is a good time to set new habits. Choose a simple project …

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  • Solstice Candle

    Feng Shui Tip for Winter: Nurturing Fire

    Even though we no longer rely on a central fire in our homes for survival, tending to the hearth is a necessary and important part of winter health and well being. To nurture your hearth, the “Heart” of your home, I recommend designating a candle …

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  • Helpful Friends Box Resized

    Feng Shui for Fall: Helpful Friends

    The Helpful Friends area of the Bagua activates the experience of reciprocity and support in your life. This area is associated with the element of Metal and the season of Fall. To locate the Helpful Friends area within a space, look to the right corner …

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  • Front Door 10

    Feng Shui Your Front Door

    At the Fall Equinox, we entered the doorway of a new season. To maximize your opportunities and vitality during the coming months, I invite you to take a fresh look at the doorway to your home. This is because your front door is a literal …

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