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  • Dec Tarot 30001 E1387571428431

    [Tarot Reading] Full Moon Winter Solstice

    Greetings on this very special week when we receive the powerful Solstice gift of Light. I threw this reading on the Full Moon, asking for practical advice for opening to the Light of Winter Solstice. Consult this spread throughout the coming days of the holiday …

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  • Lunar Eclipse Low

    Full Moon Lunar Eclipse – A Month of Blessings

    Happy Full Moon! Today’s Lunar Eclipse is delivering a very special gift in the form of a new connection with your Higher Self, and a new experience of wholeness in your life. This gift will be available for the coming month, until next month’s Full …

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  • Adjustment "Justice" Tarot Card

    New Moon Tarot Reading Oct 4

    This month’s New Moon Tarot Reading celebrates the gifts of Libra. In the Tarot, Libra is represented by the Adjustment (Justice) card. The archetype of Adjustment speaks to developing inner balance, by developing your will and your ability to choose from within while you navigate …

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  • Last Qtr Moon Reading Sept 26

    Last Quarter Moon Tarot Sept 27

    Listen to this week’s Tarot reading This week’s Last Quarter Moon Tarot reading continues the theme that began with last month’s New Moon. It’s about connecting to your inner strength and vitality, and experiencing a new and expanded sense of Self and your potential in …

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  • Full Moon Sept 2013 E1380043029291

    Full Moon Tarot Reading Sept 19

    This week’s Harvest Moon is a special opportunity to celebrate your accomplishments and the gifts you’ve received over the past weeks and months. Traditionally the Full Moon closest to Fall Equinox was celebrated for the extra light it offered during the harvest season. You can …

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  • Video Sept 5

    New Moon Tarot Reading Sept 5 – Oct 4

    The New Moon Tarot reading offers some practical tools and guidance to support your intentions for the coming days, especially through the next two weeks leading up to the Full Moon on September 19.

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  • Grand Sextile

    Grand Sextile Tarot Reading

    This tarot reading was thrown in anticipation of the July 29 Grand Sextile. It illustrates the powerful global impact of this rare event and the ways that we can access the planetary activations in our own lives. Trouble viewing video? Watch video here!

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