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[Dec Newsletter] Receiving Your Gift of Light

Greetings Dear Ones,

I am writing on the Eve of Winter Solstice, one of my favorite times of the year.  Today’s message is sent with love and appreciation for all of the blessings and gifts that each of you brings to my life and to our collective journey.

Have a wonderful holiday season. May you experience the deep blessings of all of the gifts in your life, especially the Truth of your own inner light.


Receiving the Gift of Light

Winter Solstice Tree Each year the Winter Solstice marks the longest night of the year. Throughout the ages people have gathered in these days to celebrate the return of the Sun. Beginning December 22nd, for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, the days will lengthen and the night will gradually recede. Life will return to Earth.

There is much to celebrate. Whatever your familial traditions, I invite you to embrace the magic of this season. This magic is rooted in a deep Mystery, the treasure hidden within the winter night.

This Mystery is expressed each year, when at Solstice, the darkness gives birth to the Sun. This is a truth that lies within the heart of each of us and is part of our own life story. At the center we, too, are filled with light.

As a wise man once said, “Each man and woman is a Star.” This “star that lies within” is the deeper truth of the Solstice and the birth that we celebrate this time of year. We are each Stars, and our life journey is about remembering and re-claiming our Light.

This year, as you celebrate the holidays with family and friends, remember also to celebrate the Light within. As you welcome the return of our star, the Sun, take time to embrace the stillness of the season and the mystical quiet of the Night. There is much treasure there.

In these quiet moments I invite you to journey within and celebrate the Mystery of your own light, and the life that has been gifted to you.

May you have a blessed holiday.

Celebrating Solstice Season

The Solstice occurs this year on December 21st, at 9:11 am, PST.  This is a moment of “Cosmic Pause,” a unique and magical moment in the annual Wheel of time. The energies and gifts of the Solstice can be accessed this weekend and throughout the coming two weeks.

  • Create opportunities for stillness and a change in daily routine.  In one Celtic tradition, people removed a wheel from their wagon and hung it decorated over their hearth as a powerful symbol of the importance of slowing down. (Imagine how quiet your life would be in the next few days if you took one of the wheels off of your car and stayed within walking distance of your home!)
  • During this time of stillness, you can set intentions  and lay the foundation for what is to come.  Set intentions for yourself, your loved ones, and the community of Planet Earth. As you set intentions, visualize your dreams coming into form. Feel the eagerness and beauty of your vision. You may also want to speak or write your intentions as a further way to anchor them.
  • Welcome sleep-time as a nourishing part of the winter. Pay attention to your dreams over the coming two weeks. The mysteries and gifts of the coming year will often be delivered through your dreams.

Winter Solstice Tarot Spread

The Full Moon Solstice Reading posted earlier this week offers practical guidance for connecting with your Inner Light, and staying calm and centered throughout the holiday season.

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Client Profile – Clover Toys

Clover StorefrontIn this season of gift giving, I am thrilled to introduce you to Sarah Furstenberg, owner of Clover Toys in Seattle. Located in the heart of Ballard, Clover is the ultimate toy store.

Sarah offers an incredible collection of beautiful, high-quality treasures for children (and adults!) of all ages. Every object in the store is chosen with care. I’m not exaggerating when I say that you can find something for everyone here.

Sarah-at-the-storeYou’ll always feel welcome at Clover. Sarah and her staff are always available to help you find the perfect gift. You can shop in person or contact the store by phone for a virtual tour, and they’ll be happy to mail your purchase.

If you’re looking for treasures for holiday giving, or special gifts for any time of the year, please visit my friend Sarah. You’ll see why I love Clover Toys!

Visit www.clovertoys.com to learn more.

Here’s what Sarah says about our work together:

“Collaboration with Beth has been invaluable, both personally and professionally. When we moved into our expanded storefront two years ago Beth was instrumental in clearing the past and helping us create a beautiful and welcoming space. Our work together has also empowered me to make effective changes in my life. Beth has helped me learn to stay balanced and even-keeled, face challenges with confidence, and clarify my life goals and purpose.”

Feng Shui Tip for Winter: Nurturing Fire

solstice candleEven though we no longer rely on a central fire in our homes for survival, tending to the hearth is a necessary and important part of winter health and well being.

To nurture your hearth, the “Heart” of your home, I recommend designating a candle that you light daily, perhaps in the morning upon rising and again in the evening as you settle in after your day’s work. This candle can be placed in the living room where you gather, on a coffee table or the mantle. This gathering place, whether or not you have a fireplace, is your “hearth,” and represents the heart of your home. The simple act of lighting a candle with mindfulness, carries forward the ancient ritual of tending the hearth and activating the nurturing warmth of your home.

Candles are used on altars because fire is alive and represents the element of Spirit. In this way, candles can be used throughout your home for their healing and nurturing qualities. As the element of Fire, a lit candle supports the processes of purification, inspiration, and inner warmth.

When you light a candle and bring fire into your home, you nurture your home’s life force, and also tend to your personal health and well being throughout the winter months.

Upcoming Events – New Year Tarot Retreat

Eagle Harbor InnSpaces still remain for the New Year Retreat at the Eagle Harbor Inn on Bainbridge Island, January 10-12. Attend during the day or spend the night for the full rejuvenation experience.

2014, the Year of the Horse, promises to be a big year of change and adventure, very different from the internal energies of the 2013 Water Snake. This retreat will be a unique way to prepare for the vitality of 2014, as we gather our gifts from 2013 and set intentions for the year to come. The Tarot will provide your personal road map of the adventures that lie ahead.

This weekend is designed for all levels. Come on Friday for the Introduction to Tarot. Those familiar with the cards can join us Saturday morning for the weekend retreat. All the details are here. I hope to see you there!

Elizabeth Schermer & Fundamental Feng Shui, Seattle, Washington

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