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What is Feng Shui?

What is Feng Shui?

When you heal your environment, you heal your life.

Feng Shui FountainAlthough new to our culture, Feng Shui is an ancient and time-tested practice. It literally means “Wind Water,” acknowledging the flow of energies that make up our world. 

The practice of Feng Shui takes on many forms and expressions. At the root of all practices lies the understanding that your environment is composed of integrated living systems, and that everything in your environment affects you whether you can see it or not. 

My practice of Holistic Feng Shui brings health and well being to your life by harmonizing the spaces where you live and work. It also addresses the “inner spaces” of your physical body and personal energy system.


When is the best time to schedule a consultation?
How do I know whether to schedule a Feng Shui consultation or a personal energy session?
Do I need to clear clutter and finish projects before I contact you?
What if you find something wrong with my home? Will I have to remodel or move?
The Feng Shui books all seem to have conflicting information. I’m overwhelmed! How do I know what to do?
I have trouble sleeping. Can you help?
I have heard that my bed should face North. Is this true?

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