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Dowsing and Geopathic Stress

Dowsing and Geopathic Stress

Magnetism is the Wind upon which Love Travels. – Dan Winter

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We are all magnetic beings. Energy itself is magnetic in nature.

When energy flows freely, we experience health, vitality, joy, and passion. When magnetic fields become blocked, the flow of life is arrested. Density builds, leading to stagnation and dis-ease.

Geomancy is the art of reading magnetic energy fields and creating harmony between people and the energies of the Earth.

Geopathic Stress

The term “geopathic stress” encompasses any earth energies that are draining to humans. There are three main types of geopathic stress commonly found in homes and work places.

Underground streams of water can emit strong, draining energy fields. Water is a medium for carrying energy, and underground streams tend to absorb the toxins and disturbance (physical and energetic) from the earth through which they pass.

Magnetic earth lines, also called “ley lines,” take a variety of forms and can be nourishing or draining. Some are caused by fault lines while others connect power places or imprinted events around the world.

Draining vortexes are circular footprints of imprinted energy that create a draining field. A vortex can be caused by human or earth-related disturbance. They can also  be ancient power spots that need to be cleared and harmonized to the present time.

Dowsing to Locate Imprinted Energy Fields and Geopathic Stress

The term “dowsing” refers to the use of tools such as divining rods or a pendulum to read the various energy fields that surround us. In addition to the commonly known practice of locating underground water for wells, dowsing can also be used to read the other fields of energy and information that exist all around us.

As a dowser I am able to locate and map the draining energy fields and imprinted patterns in your home that may be affecting you. These include the powerful fields of Geopathic Stress.

Clearing Geopathic Stress

Through dowsing (the use of tools such as divining rods or a pendulum to read energy fields in the environment), I identify and map areas of geopathic stress that may be affecting you. Once identified, I heal and harmonize all fields to support optimal health and function of the space.

Dowsing and harmonizing geopathic stress is included in every Space Clearing consultation.

Positive Power Spots

There are also beneficial, energizing forms of Earth energy referred to as “power spots” or “positive vortexes.” Just as harmful energies can be cleared or harmonized, so too can positive areas be activated to support your well being more fully. This is one of my favorite parts of a consultation!

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Scheduling and Fees

Consultations to clear Geopathic Stress may address specific symptoms or be integrated into a larger Feng Shui consultation.

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