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[Feb Newsletter] Three Secrets to Your Success in 2014

Have you noticed the sense of vitality in the air? In the traditional Earth calendar we are already in the season of Spring. New life is abundant and irrepressible. Today’s newsletter is offered in celebration of new beginnings.  Here’s to your health and well being in 2014!

In This Issue

  • Three Secrets to Your Success in 2014
  • Client Profile: Proctor Chiropractic
  • Feng Shui Tip: Healthy Habits for Your Home
  • Upcoming Events

Three Secrets to Success in 2014

year of the horse 4Every season holds unique opportunities. By understanding the “flavor” of the current cycle, you can live more intentionally in the flow.

The beginning of the Wood Horse year is characterized by youthful exuberance and unrestricted energy. It’s an undisciplined, unfocused, pure flow of life force. Think wild pony or rambunctious child.

In keeping with the practical nature of the horse, the guidance for success this spring is practical as well. There’s a need to focus and harness the  vitality, without becoming distracted or drained. Think training a pony, or offering appropriate limits to a 3-year-old.

Here are three key secrets to success this spring. (And a fourth “bonus” secret.)

Secret #1: Practice the Zen of Daily Life

The Horse Year is all about practical details and the dignity of work. You’ll most easily find the Divine this year by being in your body and attending to the simple practices of daily life. Think “Chop Wood. Carry Water.” Embrace your work. Embrace the care of your home. This is a path to joy and one of the best ways you can participate in the limitless possibilities of the spring.

Secret #2: Embrace Something New

Another way to access the chi of the year is to find “Beginner’s Mind.” Education is a key theme for the year, as it is a prime way to harness and “train” the unlimited creativity that is available. When you focus your energies on learning something new, you access vitality in a special way. Indeed, brain research shows the importance of new learning for maintaining vitality throughout our lives.

This is the perfect year to practice “new thinking.” Take on a creative project. Enroll in a course of study. It doesn’t need to be practical. Your focus will lead to new growth in all of your life. The creative focus of studying something new will help you return to beginner’s mind and see the world in new ways every day.

Secret #3: Nurture Your Physical Vitality

This year, especially the spring, is all about youthful energy. The more you can nurture your physical body the more you’ll be able to “keep up” this year. (Have you spent time with a 3-year-old lately?!)  Habits of good food, sleep, and exercise are a priority for the year if you want to be fully available to all of the opportunities.

Another key aspect to the year, if you haven’t already discovered it, is that it will be easier this year to set healthy habits. If you found it hard to follow-through last year, take heart. The Horse energy responds to training, and that translates to support for your own practices of good health.  The habits you anchor this year will serve you moving forward.

The Bonus Secret: Showing Up to what “Is”

This principle of “showing up” can be summed up in the word Reciprocity. Reciprocity is a way of living that embraces all of life’s circumstances. There is no “good” or “bad.” No “heaven” or “hell.” No victim thinking. There is only the present moment and your capacity to respond. When you live fully in the moment you are truly on the “leading edge” of creation. From this place your potential is limitless.

In Conclusion

To sum up the secrets to success, this year’s practices are all about embodiment.

The last two years have washed away the past and taken us deep, in preparation for what is being born. It’s as if we have emerged from the last two years into a brand new world. It’s very young and fresh and hasn’t yet come to form. This year we will begin to discover what is still waiting beneath the surface.

I invite you to embrace the adventure of the year. Reconnect with your inner three-year-old, the “pony” within. Set up play dates. Explore your ordinary life with the eyes of a young child and you’ll find magic in every moment.

Client Profile: Proctor Chiropractic

George-and-Leah-KeoghI’m excited to introduce you to my good friends Leah and George Keogh of Proctor Chiropractic.

I met George and Leah several years ago when they first hired me to visit their clinic in Tacoma’s thriving district of Proctor. I was immediately inspired by their vision of holistic health and their commitment to being of service in the world.

Leah and George walk their talk. They are as committed to personal growth as they are to their patients.

In the time we have known each other I have witnessed their dreams coming to form. This past fall they purchased their own building, which they have transformed, and where they are developing their healing center.

George and Leah are recognized for the excellent holistic care they provide. In November they were rated Best Chiropractor in the King 5 Best of Western Washington poll. (That’s #1 of over 300 contenders!)

Proctor Chiropractic StaffI can’t say enough about the quality of care you will receive, not only from George but all of the practitioners on their team. Modalities include advanced chiropractic, muscle and fascia releasing, functional exercises, health coaching, educational classes, and massage. In addition to leading the administrative team, Leah is also busy developing her own practice as a wellness coach.  Please visit their website to learn more.

What Leah and George Say about Our Work Together

Beth has helped us create a healing center that radiates and attracts the type of patients who need our work and with whom we enjoy working. She has helped us expand our presence in the community by leading us to clarify our vision and why we are doing the work we do. She has also helped us anchor this vision into our business and personal lives.
With Beth’s help, the move from our old space to our newly purchased building was extremely smooth. On a daily basis we hear patients comment how wonderful our office feels. We just can’t imagine being anywhere else.
We highly recommend Beth for any business looking to go to the next level. She will help you attain your dream through techniques and support you won’t find anywhere else.

Feng Shui Tip: Get a Head Start on Spring Cleaning

organizing-your-closetThis spring is all about vitality, and one of the best ways to free up new energy is by clearing clutter and organizing your space.

Remember, this is a good year to set new habits.  Choose a simple project and dig in. Here are some ideas to get you started. The results will be much bigger than you anticipate!

Organize Your Closets

If you need inspiration, check out these articles (with great photographs) by my friend Sara Eizen of Nest. Sara is a gifted designer and organizer. One of her specialties is work with families.

Releasing Your Stuff

As you organize it’s important to release the stuff as you go, or you just end up with new clutter piles. The following resource page from my friend Allison Nelson of The Space Shaman tells you where to take your stuff.  Allison is a professional organizer who will help you bring order to all parts of your life.

Get a start on spring cleaning now and you’ll be creating momentum for the entire year to come.

Upcoming Events

In keeping with this year’s theme of “Education,” here are some of the ways we can work together this Spring. Click on the links below for registration and more information.

Other Offerings

  • Year of the Horse Insights. The Year of the Horse presentations are over, but you will still be able to access the information via the class recording and handout. I’ll be sending out the download links early next week.
  • Online Tarot Readings. Last week’s Full Moon Tarot Reading is a great synopsis of the general advice for the coming three months.
  • Subscribe to my Tarot Blog and receive Full Moon and New Moon readings in your inbox. Update your preferences using the link at the bottom of this email.

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