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Feng Shui for Fall: Helpful Friends

helpful-friends-boxThe Helpful Friends area of the Bagua activates the experience of reciprocity and support in your life. This area is associated with the element of Metal and the season of Fall.

To locate the Helpful Friends area within a space, look to the right corner on the wall in which you enter the room. Whether it’s the entry to your home, or the doorway to your office or bedroom, when you activate the area right of the entry you increase your experience of reciprocity and support in your life.

One of the best ways to activate the Helpful Friends area is with a special box. Inside the box are slips of paper on which you write the names of those from whom you receive support. These can be physical beings or non-physical guides. They may be family and friends, professional allies, teachers, historical figures who have inspired you, or ancestors from your lineage whose gifts you have received even though you never met.

The helpful Friends area can offer powerful support for your work in the world.

  • The photo here is of a Helpful Friends box for a client who runs a marketing company. She includes names of those clients and friends who have supported her work.
  • A friend launching an important new business project writes a slip for each person she meets who expresses support for her new endeavor. Over the months the box is overflowing and it reminds her on a daily basis of all the ways that the Universe is showing up to help her manifest her dream.
  • Another client says, “I also include ancestors as “friends”….those who have passed on who embodied the energy I want to bring forth…like Ghandi or some of my favorite and inspiring Jungian analysts…and even relatives who have passed on. Basically I call on anyone, alive or passed, who I see as a mentor or someone who has as an energy that I want to bring to my life.”

Create a Helpful Friends box this Fall and watch the Universe step up with support!

Elizabeth Schermer & Fundamental Feng Shui, Seattle, Washington

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