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Space Clearing

Space Clearing

When we clear limiting patterns of the past, we step fully into the potentials of the present.

Space Clearing for HealingBuildings absorb all of the energies of the people who have used the space as well as energies held in the land.

The term “Space Clearing” refers to the act of harmonizing and revitalizing all of these energies within your home or workplace to create healthy flow and support every part of your life.

Because of its value and importance, Space Clearing is included in nearly all of my Feng Shui consultations.

Subtle Energy Fields

Every part of your environment affects your well being—the physical world that you can see as well as the underlying subtle energy fields. These subtle energy fields hold patterns that are embedded in the earth, in your home, and in your own personal field.

Imprinted density within subtle energy fields has real and tangible effects, such as:

  • Insomnia
  • Fatigue
  • Increased stress patterns
  • Suppressed immunity
  • Relationship disharmony

Stagnant Energy

Most homes have at least a few areas of stagnant or stuck energy. The effects range from a sense that something just isn’t right to patterns of dysfunction or ill health.

The main causes of stagnant energy include:

  • Clutter and Density

Clutter and improper furniture placement create density by impeding the natural flow of energy in a room. Even un-cluttered indoor space becomes dense over time because it is removed from outside natural elements

  • Imprinted Energies and Draining Fields

Draining energetic footprints may be left in a home from previous occupants, past events, previously owned furniture, ancestral or inherited items, or objects from past relationships. There may also be draining earth energies around your home, called Geopathic Stress.

  • Spirits Who Need Assistance

Occasionally homes harbor spirits that need help moving to a more appropriate dimension. While these beings are usually friendly or benign, their presence can be draining.

Bringing it All Together

During a consultation, I read energy patterns and locate blocks that are affecting you, whether in your home, the earth, or your personal field. Identifying and removing these blocks allows you to expand into your natural state of well being. At the close of a space clearing, I conduct a blessing ceremony to fully activate your home or workplace to support your highest good.

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Scheduling and Fees

Space clearing can take place in the context of a full Feng Shui consultation or as a separate service.

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