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Feng Shui Your Front Door

front door 10At the Fall Equinox, we entered the doorway of a new season. To maximize your opportunities and vitality during the coming months, I invite you to take a fresh look at the doorway to your home.

This is because your front door is a literal and symbolic entry for all of the energies that are entering your life. Is your entryway clear, clean, and beautiful? Does your threshold feel welcoming and inviting to all who arrive?

Here are a few suggestions for creating a fresh start this fall:

  • Use fresh eyes. Walk up the street to your house, pretending that you’ve never been here before. Notice everything, especially first impressions. Is there a clear, inviting path to the front door? What details are calling for your attention?
  • Is everything clean and clear? Put away everything that has accumulated around your entry, both inside and out. Pare down to the essentials. Wash surfaces if necessary.
  • Is your front door in good repair? Does your doorknob work? Is all the hardware clean and in good working order? Does the door open and close without resistance or squeaks?
  • Do you have a functional and beautiful welcome mat? This is your “launch pad to the world” and sets the energy for your threshold. Is your welcome mat large enough for the doorway? Is it in good repair? If you’re not in love with it or it looks a bit worn, this would be a great time to get a new one.
  • Can the world easily find you? Are your house numbers clearly visible? Are they clean and pleasing to the eye?
  • Does all of the front lighting work? Are the entry way windows clean? Good light and clean windows are both important for brightness and clarity in your life.
  • Living plants and flowers add beauty and vitality to your entry. If you have entry planters, this is a great time to refresh them for fall. If not, perhaps you would like to create a new planter with fall perennials. Your local nursery can help you make a beautiful low maintenance arrangement that will last through the winter.

When you refresh your entry, you welcome new energy and new possibilities to your life. This is a busy time of year, but with these tips in hand just a few minutes devoted to your home’s entry to the world will pay off in big ways!

Elizabeth Schermer & Fundamental Feng Shui, Seattle, Washington

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