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Feng Shui Tip for Winter: Nurturing Fire

solstice candleEven though we no longer rely on a central fire in our homes for survival, tending to the hearth is a necessary and important part of winter health and well being.

To nurture your hearth, the “Heart” of your home, I recommend designating a candle that you light daily, perhaps in the morning upon rising and again in the evening as you settle in after your day’s work. This candle can be placed in the living room where you gather, on a coffee table or the mantle. This gathering place, whether or not you have a fireplace, is your “hearth,” and represents the heart of your home. The simple act of lighting a candle with mindfulness, carries forward the ancient ritual of tending the hearth and activating the nurturing warmth of your home.

Candles are used on altars because fire is alive and represents the element of Spirit. In this way, candles can be used throughout your home for their healing and nurturing qualities. As the element of Fire, a lit candle supports the processes of purification, inspiration, and inner warmth.

When you light a candle and bring fire into your home, you nurture your home’s life force, and also tend to your personal health and well being throughout the winter months.

Elizabeth Schermer & Fundamental Feng Shui, Seattle, Washington

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