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Finding Your Balance from Within

fall-tree-roots-grounding-withinThe season of Fall offers a unique opportunity for growth. As the vitality of the Sun is waning and the Night is gaining strength, we are challenged to dig deep. In the same way that the trees withdraw their sap from their branches, release their leaves, and move their life force deep within the earth, we too must turn within for the source of our strength.

The Western industrialized world tends to ignore the wisdom of this half of the cycle of life. Our culture prizes the traits of the extrovert. We are encouraged to push forward, identify with outer circumstances and rely on our individuality to succeed. These skills have their place, but this is the opposite of what is required as the “yin” energies of fall and winter come into form.

Here are three basic points of awareness that can help you thrive this fall:

  • Grounding. Fall is about moving your awareness within, strengthening your intuition, and paying attention before action. Nature will be your teacher here. Remember the tree, moving life force down into her roots. In the same way you can strengthen your own grounding cords or roots into Earth. The deepest vitality in fall and winter lies within the Earth. Think of rich, dark soil and the teeming life just under the surface.
  • Connecting. This time of year your deepest strength and potential lies in collaboration and joining with others. Call on your “Helpful Friends,” both physical and in spirit. Expand your influence in the world by connecting with others. Remember to ask for help and watch circumstances unfold as if by magic.
  • Balance. Fall is about balance, especially through honoring the body and her natural limits. During this half of the year, when there is less natural Chi available, you are encouraged to treasure your life force, rather than squander it through old habits of stress or over-reacting. Inner alignment (mindfulness, centering, and grounding) allows you to “Flow” with the rhythms around you. When you are aligned within you naturally participate in life without over extension or depletion.

All of these practices allow you to flow with the natural momentum of the time.

Remember that your true power lies within. This means making decisions and taking actions from a place of internal alignment. Don’t over think it. When you act from alignment you naturally move in proper timing and respond to details with a minimum of effort. And remember that you’re not here alone – the Helpers of the Universe are waiting to assist you!

By living in alignment with the natural processes of life, you can learn to thrive during each season of the year. Have a wonderful Fall!

Elizabeth Schermer & Fundamental Feng Shui, Seattle, Washington

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