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Full Moon Eclipse Tarot Reading: Entering a New Dimension

Happy Full Moon!

The Emperor, Thoth TarotThis weekend’s Full Moon in Aries is supporting your ability to fully show up to new potentials in your life. If you’re ready to step into new possibilities, then this Moon will definitely support that expansion.

At the same time, the force of expansion may also lead to experiences of instability as old forms are released. I say this so you can understand the context of apparent challenges that may surface for you or your loved ones.

The Lunar Eclipse

The potential for expansion is super-charged because of the Lunar Eclipse, which opens a doorway of possibility that allows you to expand beyond the normal parameters of time and space. The doorway (portal) that opens with this eclipse holds a specific energy signature that supports your ability to step into new dimensions and expanded frameworks of life experience.

The eclipse doorway remains open until the next Full Moon.

The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse is on Sunday Sept 27, at 7:50 PM PDT.

Full Moon Eclipse Tarot Reading

Full Moon Eclipse Tarot Reading, Thoth TarotThe Universe in the central position of Mind represents your expanded awareness of your Self and what is possible in your life.

This is You coming into a new sense of alignment with your highest potential, both within and without.

As you step into full participation in the Universe you are celebrating the truth of your individuality as well as the truth of your connection to others.

This card addresses the complementary aspects of this eclipse which have to do with two simultaneous processes. The first is transformation through your established relationships and circumstances. The second is transformation through new birth from within. One aspect is external and one is internal. One occurs through your relationships to others, the other through your relationship to Self.

There is the potential to experience this as conflict, but when you understand the degree of transformation that this dual aspect is facilitating, then you can relax and allow.

The Queen of Disks in the position of circumstances is signifying the importance of self care. This card appeared Reversed in the spread, which also indicates that you may experience unexpected change or disruption as a result of the expansion.

Remember that with any major expansion there is always a necessary release. If you’re ready to show up to the process, then it will be easier to roll with whatever  changes occur.

Adjustment in the position of Spirit is a huge statement of support. This is the “antidote” to any disruption indicated by the reversal of the Queen of Disks. The guidance here is to align within. Ground and center first, and then respond to circumstances from this place of inner alignment.

It’s significant that Adjustment is also the card for Libra, which is our current zodiac signature. The message from the Helpers is clear: You have all the support you need. Just remember to ask for help, and use your tools to align with the natural cycles and energies available and you will thrive.

8 of Wands, Swiftness, Thoth TarotI asked for additional practical advice and received the 8 of Wands, Swiftness.

This card offers direct encouragement that you can trust your ability to successfully navigate this opportunity. There are significant blessings available signified by the rainbow at the top of the card.

This card teaches us how to make clear decisions and act “swiftly” from a place of inner stability. The electric wands signify inspired will which is supported by inner alignment signified by the Octahedron in the background.

This is the same Octahedron that appears in the Adjustment card. Indeed, Swiftness is one of the four “8’s” associated with Adjustment, which happens to be the VIII of the Major Arcana.

The synchronicities in this spread are many, and indicative of the immense degree of support that you can call on now and in the days to come.

I wish you a blessed Full Moon and a wonderful coming month of adventure.


For an additional “bonus” tarot card, watch the video below.
See Steven Shroyer’s Full Moon astrology article for additional insights into the opportunities of the Eclipse.

Full Moon Tarot Reading Sept. 27 – Oct 27


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