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Full Moon Lunar Eclipse – A Month of Blessings

lunar_eclipse_lowHappy Full Moon!

Today’s Lunar Eclipse is delivering a very special gift in the form of a new connection with your Higher Self, and a new experience of wholeness in your life.

This gift will be available for the coming month, until next month’s Full Moon on November 17.  I invite you to take some time in the coming days to personally connect with the message and the opportunities.

I’ll be back early next week with the regular October newsletter, and more ways to access new levels of appreciation and joy in your life.

Have a great weekend,


The Gift of a Lunar Eclipse

Before I say more about the specific gifts of today’s Full Moon, I want to offer a brief explanation of the reason why eclipses are so special. It all has to do with the relationship between the Sun and the Moon, and their role in our lives here on Earth.

The Sun and Moon are normally in constant connection, and their relationship guides all aspects of our life on Earth.  The Sun is our primary connection to the light of Source, our “local” star.  The Moon delivers the light of Source energy to us on Earth in rhythms and cycles that allow for growth and development through time.

During a Lunar eclipse, the Earth passes between the Sun and Moon, momentarily interrupting this the constant connection. When the link between Sun and Moon is momentarily broken, when the Moon goes “dark,” a portal opens in the heavens at the exact location, or degree, of the Full Moon. This portal, or doorway, allows cosmic energies to stream to earth, delivering a gift beyond our normal constraints of time. The gifts of an eclipse, arriving from deep within our galaxy, always offer new ways for us to connect with Source and our own Self.

Because “time” is momentarily suspended, an eclipse offers you the opportunity to take a “quantum leap forward,” expanding beyond the normal constraints of time as we experience it here on Earth. The specific nature of the opportunity is expressed by the location of the portal, or doorway, in the sky.

The Special Gifts of this Eclipse: Love and Divine Will

Today’s eclipse is offering a new connection to your Soul and your Higher Self. This coming month you will have the opportunity to experience new levels of unity and a more expanded awareness of the “big picture” of your life circumstances.  This experience will allow you to expand beyond the normal and limited “ego” perceptions of reality. The ego’s experience is based on the belief of separation, and is the source of all fear and dis-ease.

The gifts of this month’s Soul connection involve your expanded relationship with Love and divine Will. Love is your pure connection to Oneness, Source, and All-that-is. Will is the ability to make conscious decisions and act from your own balanced center in alignment with Love.  These are the specific gifts you will receive this month.

This is all very big picture and a bit abstract. I’m hoping that the following Tarot reading will offer some practical insight into your own journey this month.

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Tarot Reading

Summary of the Spread

The Empress in the position of Mind, represents your awareness this month of your own connection to Divinity. The Empress is the Divine Mother, bringing Love into the world. This is you, with awareness of your larger Self, and a new capacity to hold this awareness.

The Fool in the position of Body or the physical world, represents several things. The Fool is the birth of pure potential. In this position it’s representing the manifestation of the portal in the sky; the experience of you receiving your Gift; and your new ability to hold a bigger, more expanded view of your life circumstances.

The Queen of Swords in the position of Spirit, is representing your Higher Self and the form of expanded connection you can have this month. The Queen of Swords is the Master of inner awareness and the liberated mind. She is the holder of sacred truth and the ultimate expression of the One who has transcended the illusion of separation. This is YOU connecting with You!

The Princess of Wands in the position of “something else to consider,” brings self-confidence, passion, and the ability to ride the wave of creative momentum that has appeared. The Princess is saying that your job this month is to hold the awareness of all of these potentials, and then have the courage and will to dive in.

This month will be an adventure. The Princess is guaranteeing a certain level of intensity. When she’s depleted (in “ego mode”) she is the ultimate Drama Queen. When you see or feel drama (ego intensity) this month, whether internally or in the world around you, you can smile knowing that the cosmic dance is happening.

Drama in all forms is an experience of separation and over-identification with circumstances. So as soon as you catch the pattern of feeling “out of control” in any way, take a breath and ask for your re-connection to Love. You’ll come back to alignment and from there you can make a decision from your inner compass, your Will.

Celebrating the Full Moon

If you have opportunity tonight or an evening this weekend, take a few moments to go outside and connect with the Moon’s light. As you feel the light entering your body, you can hold all of your personal intentions for expansion and connection to your Self, your highest potential, and expanded Mind, the larger awareness of All-That-Is. Send wishes and intentions for well-being to all of our companions on Earth. Everyone this month has the invitation to new levels of compassion and connection to sacred Truth.

This month’s partial eclipse is visible in Africa and Europe and the Eastern US. Regardless of whether you actually see the eclipse itself, you can still connect with the Moon, and the knowledge of the special portal in the sky. The portal opens at 26 degrees Aries, and remains open until the Moon passes by in a month.

Have a wonderful month. Here’s wishing you a good ride!




Elizabeth Schermer & Fundamental Feng Shui, Seattle, Washington

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