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Full Moon Tarot (Dec. 6-21): Accessing Your Creative Vitality

Happy Full Moon!

I love the month of Sagittarius. This week’s Moon is delivering an extra dose of illumination to help you access the fire-y gifts of creativity, inspiration, and vitality.

The tarot cards for Sagittarius and Gemini illustrate what’s possible.

Thoth Tarot Full Moon in GeminiThe Art/Temperance card speaks to the power of fire and the alchemy of accessing and expressing the deepest essence of who you are.

The Full Moon in Gemini illuminates new ways to clearly access your creativity. The Lovers card also reminds us of the importance of relationship and sharing our creative gifts with others.

See this week’s video for more information on the special partnership of Sagittarius and Gemini.

The Full Moon Moon is at 15° Gemini on Sat., Dec. 6, at 4:27 am PST.

Full Moon Thoth TarotThe Wheel of Fortune in the position of Mind speaks to the expansive nature of this Full Moon. You have the opportunity now to access new possibilities and new potentials. The turning wheel has the power to dissolve the old and create the new, especially so during this month of Alchemy.

It’s no accident that Fortune also happens to be the tarot card for the planet Jupiter, which plays an important role in the astrology chart for this Moon.

The Four of Cups, Luxury, in the position of Body speaks to the experience of emotional abundance. In the coming days take time to enjoy the blessings of the present moment. Access appreciation for your circumstances and you will step into the field of creative expansion that is available.

The Prince of Swords in the position of Spirit represents your determination and will power to make positive changes in your life. The vibrant colors of heart chakra and solar plexus are reminders that the mental realm needs to be centered in the heart and will in order to stay balanced.

Thoth Tarot Gemini Full Moon ReadingThe final two cards offer very practical advice for the coming days.

The Eight of Cups, Indolence, speaks to the consequences of over-extension. This is the card of burn-out through over giving. In the coming days pay attention to limits and set realistic boundaries around your time and life force.

The Eight of Wands, Swiftness, is affirmation of the blessings available (rainbow) when you take clear action (lightening bolts) guided from inner alignment (octahedron).

Final Thoughts and Some Practical Advice

There is so much depth to the teaching in these cards. As a way to summarize the message let me just say that the Prince of Swords can be a card extremes, full of vitality as well as the potential for burnout, especially in combination with Fortune and the Four of Cups.  The good news is that the Prince’s highest gifts are best accessed through creativity, which just happens to be abundantly available.

Follow your bliss and even the most simple creative activities will support the deeper integration that’s happening.

Enjoy this time and yet take care of your life force. The Eight of Cups reminds us of the tendency for depletion through over-extension.

Remember that we are deep into the “yin” cycle of the year. Take time for quiet. Allow your actions (Eight of Wands) to come from inspiration and inner alignment.

Set healthy limits that allow you to experience alignment with the deep creative integration that is happening at the core of your being. It’s time to celebrate your life!


This Month’s Full Moon Tarot Video


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