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Full Moon Tarot Reading – Drawing Down the Light

Happy Full Moon!

The Star, Thoth TarotThe Star of Tarot represents Aquarius and is a perfect image for understanding the gifts of this Aquarius Moon.

In the Tarot image, light is pouring on the woman’s head like water, representing the gift of love and Spirit connecting through our hearts. She in turn offers her light to the world.

It is said that “Each man and woman is a star.” Not only are we physically created from the stars, we also radiate the light of source energy in the same way a star does.

This month’s Full Moon supports a new connection to your higher self and the experience of your own brilliance.  This week celebrate your light!

The following Tarot reading offers practical advice.

The Full Moon is at 3:43 am PDT on Friday, July 31.

Full Moon Tarot Reading, Thoth TarotThe Two of Cups, Love, in the central position of Mind, represents the gifts of love and light. The water pouring from the cups represents the light of the Aquarian Moon and all the blessings that are available to you now.

Love is flowing to you. No matter your current circumstances, there is an opportunity now to experience the blessing of your connection to Self and Source.

Art/Temperance in the position of Body speaks to expanded opportunities in all of your life.

This card represents a gift of connection to Higher Self and the ability to approach your circumstances with new eyes, new awareness, and the magic of transformation. The transformation can happen within and without. Set the intention to be a “channel” for the light, and you will experience new visions and inspiration about what is possible in your life.

I call this the Alchemy card, because it represents the alchemy and mystery of life, of non-physical Source expressing through a body. You are absolutely unique in the Universe. As you claim your light and radiance, you expand into the blessings and joy of this physical world of creation.

The Princess of Swords in the position of Spirit acknowledges the importance of determination. There is opportunity now to use the sword of awareness to cut through and release whatever limiting thoughts and beliefs bind you.

In this card, heart and mind are aligned with will (emerald green and solar yellow) to allow you to release small thinking (the dark clouds at the bottom) and fully experience new clarity and insight.

Thoth Tarot, Eight of Swords, InterferenceThe Eight of Swords, Interference, is the final card and offers practical advice. It represents the over-analyzing mind. This is the mind that gets lost in the details, losing clarity and not able to be in the present moment.

The reversal says, “Don’t overthink this!”

Move within, set your vertical alignment. Receive the light that pours from Source, never ending. Experience that light entering your heart and radiating in all directions, filling your body and energy field with the light of Love.

Celebrate your light. Don’t hold back. You deserve to shine!

Have a wonderful Full Moon.

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