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[Full Moon Tarot] Message for the Lunar Eclipse

This is a powerful week.

Today we anticipate the special opportunity that arrives with Saturday’s Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse.

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Tarot Reading, Thoth TarotThe Universe is aligned right now in amazing ways.

You have the potential to expand in the direction of your dreams, and simultaneously make enormous strides in leaving behind whatever personal limitations bind you.

Here are a few thoughts to accompany the video:

  • The Eclipse is delivering a gift of inner calm, trust, and peace of mind. It specifically comes through a new ability to connect with systems of support.
  • The Universe is aligned right now to help you. Trust what shows up.
  • To understand your opportunity, pay attention to the details.
  • Release attachment to outcome. Don’t take things personally.
  • Remember that the Universe speaks through synchronicity. The most powerful synchronicities are sometimes the most uncomfortable. Don’t let discomfort (stress, worry, fatigue, fear) distract you or lead to the assumption that you’re not on track.
  • Trust in the bigger picture that you can’t see.
  • Pay attention to what’s showing up. Expand into it. Hold curiosity.

I’m forgoing the usual written summary of the reading, so I can get this out to you today.  I’ll send another post tomorrow with a more detailed Eclipse article. For now, here’s the video.

Happy Eclipse.


Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Tarot Reading April 6 – April 29

Elizabeth Schermer & Fundamental Feng Shui, Seattle, Washington

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