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Full Moon Tarot Reading – Blessings of Creativity and New Awareness

Happy Full Moon!

I look forward each month to these special nights of Lunar illumination. This month the Moon delivers expanded creativity and intuitive awareness, especially if you’re able to access these opportunities in the present moment.

The astrology chart for the Full Moon shows that your expansion in the next two weeks will come from your ability to take advantage of transitions and unexpected circumstances. The reason for this is that in the moment of a transition or something unexpected happening, you”wake up,” return to your body and come present.

In this instant when you wake up, if you can release attachment to the “good” or “bad” of whatever is happening, you will receive a gift from the Universe in the form of an infusion of creative energy and expansive intuitive awareness. This is the promise of today’s Full Moon.  (To see the chart with more on the specific astrology for the Full Moon, go to www.seattleastrology.org)

Today’s Full Moon is at 9:11 pm PDT, with the Sun in Gemini and the Moon in Sagittarius.

For this month’s Full Moon Tarot Reading I asked for practical advice that can help us actualize these opportunities in the coming two weeks.

Full Moon Tarot Reading for June 12th, 2014First, notice the symmetry of today’s message with all four cards in the suit of Discs – emphasizing the importance of embodiment and attention to detail in the coming days.

The 6 of Discs, Success, in the position of Body appeared Reversed. This card, you may remember, appeared in the New Moon reading earlier this month with the message  to stay present to the opportunities of blessings in your life.

The fact that it has reappeared again is important. This card always signifies blessings to be manifest. In this case the reversal is reminding us – with humor – that every circumstance holds a blessing.

Release your attachment to the unexpected (whether good or bad) and celebrate that moment when you “wake up” to the world around you.

The 3 of Discs, Works, in the position of Mind is affirming the importance of your commitment to staying present. This is a card of dynamic stability through the alignment of body, mind, and spirit. You are reminded here that you have a choice in every moment.  You can choose where you put your attention.

The Princess of Discs in the position of Spirit is a lovely message from your guides and higher Self, bringing inner confidence, calm and clarity. The Princess is the ultimate manifester, as she creates the world through her inner clarity and trust, and the ability to hold space for what is being born.

The final card, the 8 of Discs, Prudence, in the position of “Something else to consider,” strongly affirms today’s message. I call this the “Feng Shui” card, because it is all about paying attention to details, and the Beauty of the natural order in the world around us.

This is a message to take time in the coming two weeks to tend to details. Nurture and appreciate your environment.  Even the most mundane tasks hold the opportunity for enlightenment.

For more information on the specifics of this week’s astrology, see Steven Shroyer’s New Moon article at www.seattleastrology.org.

This Month’s Full Moon Tarot Video

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