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[Full Moon Tarot Reading] Blessings of the Pisces Moon

Happy Full Moon!

8-29-15-1I’m writing your message while on an amazing retreat in Montana.We close on Saturday night with a Full Moon ceremony. I say that because today’s email doesn’t include the usual video intuitive reading. I want you to know that instead, I am including each of you in our intentions at the ceremony. Even if you read this after the Full Moon, know that you were included!

This month we have a Pisces Full Moon. Interestingly, the tarot card for Pisces happens to be the Moon herself, which speaks to the inner power and wisdom available to you at this time.

This Full Moon is a time to connect with your deepest inner truth and your capacity to trust yourself and your guidance. In the coming days celebrate this illumination of your inner truth. Bask in the power of your inner radiance and the light of your being. Feel the power of standing in your truth.

Today’s tarot reading connects you with the potentials of this Full Moon and the energies of the coming two weeks.

The Full Moon is Saturday, Aug 29, at 11:35 AM PDT.

Full Moon Tarot Reading, Thoth TarotThe Six of Swords, Science, in the position of Body represents your ability now to experience a new sense of clarity and understanding in your relationship with your self and the circumstances of your life.

If things feel out of alignment or in-congruent, you can ask for new insights for understanding the patterns that have appeared.

The Fool in the position of Mind represents your experience of new possibilities and new awareness. This is your ability now to connect with the realms of unlimited potential. This is a time of new birth, a time to celebrate what is being born in your life. Trust the truth of creative potential that you’re experiencing.

The Prince of Wands in the position of Spirit represents the gift of creative vitality and inspiration. This creative fire is igniting your intuitive nature in order to support your capacity to trust yourself to act from your inner truth. There’s also extra support here to burn through whatever patterns of procrastination or hesitation hold you back from embracing your expansion.

In summary, this is a time to celebrate your life. Claim your dreams and your inner strength and power. Share those intentions with those whom you trust. In this way you will strengthen your grids of support and walk forward together.






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