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Full Moon Tarot Reading – Celebrating Your Lust for Life

The light of the Full Moon woke me in the week hours of this morning, not long after midnight, and I just couldn’t stay in bed. Baba the Cat and I sat on the front steps for a half hour in the quiet stillness and took a bath of Moonlight. Then I came inside and drew the following spread. It’s my privilege to share it with you.

The Full Moon was at 12:16 pm today. The message in these cards is specific to the coming two weeks until the New Moon on May 28. Celebrate tonight or any night this week. The Tarot reading will help you focus your intentions and your ability to receive the gifts of the coming days.

You can read the descriptive message or scroll down to listen to the video. Either way, enjoy. This good news is just for YOU.

The Full Moon Tarot Reading

Full Moon Tarot ReadingThe Strength/Lust card in the position of Body is affirming your capacity to experience courage, vitality, and inspiration. This week there is the opportunity to celebrate the fullness and depth of who you are. This card reminds you of the importance of embracing all aspects of your being, even those you find less than loveable. This is a card of You in all your glory. When you are able to totally accept every part of your being you can fully step into your strength and vitality, your “Lust” (Lustre) for life.

The Hanged Man in the position of Mind signals the opportunity to receive new insights, new perspectives, and new understandings about yourself and your place in the world. This expanded perception sometimes comes from unexpected, even uncomfortable, circumstances. By being turned upside down we have the opportunity to release limiting views and beliefs that hold us back from expansion. Do your best to embrace all circumstances as gifts. This ability to embrace the unexpected is an important theme of the month. (Remember the Fool from the Taurus New Moon spread?)

The 9 of Disks, Gain in the position of Spirit is affirming the delivery now of new gifts and new potentials. In the position of Spirit this is a reminder, too, that new gifts must first come to us in the etheric planes before they are manifest in physical form. The Universe is sending gifts, and the signal that you’re in alignment to receive is your feeling of inspiration and creativity. Whenever you become inspired you are naturally aligned with the greater good, and more able to come to alignment to receive the gifts that the Universe is holding in store.

5-14-tarot-1I drew a 4th card asking for more insight. The 8 of Disks, Prudence in reversal holds a very specific message for us.  The 8 of Disks is all about bringing order and beauty to the world through care and attention. It’s about taking practical actions to create clarity in the physical realm. Reversed in this spread it’s signifying the need and opportunity to release your preconceptions and attachments to the way “things have always been.” This doesn’t mean chaos, it just means letting go of your need to control or limit experience. There are larger opportunities afoot!

Intuition told me to draw another card which perfectly underscored this message. The Universe affirms that you are engaged in big picture expansion right now. Don’t hold back. Be prepared to step into a larger perspective, and a more expanded experience of who you are and what is possible in your life.

Remember the Fool. This is a time of growth and change. Your potential is unlimited!

Celebrating the Full Moon

You can celebrate the Full Moon tonight or anytime in the next 2-3 nights. Bask in the illumination. Set out your crystals, your jewelry, or a bowl of water to be charged with this inspiring illumination. Build a fire. Sit with friends and talk about your dreams for the future. Use the conversation as an opportunity to claim your power. You can also share illumination by speaking to your friends of the Strength and Lustre that you see in them.

Above all, tap into this week’s gifts of possibility and new awareness. You don’t need to know where it’s leading, just soak it up like water, or sunlight, or love.

For more information on the specifics of this week’s astrology, see Steven Shroyer’s Full Moon article at www.seattleastrology.org.

This Month’s Full Moon Tarot Video

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