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Tarot Reading Full Moon Feb 14

feb full moon tarot spread 1 Today’s Full Moon Spread highlights the challenges and opportunities available to us this spring.

The strong energies of the Wood Horse year will lead to the potential for overwhelment and distraction, symbolized by the 5 of Wands, Strife, in the position of Body. This will block the larger potentials that are available, symbolized by the reversals of Adjustment/Justice and the Ace of Cups.

The 4th card, the Prince of Cups, is this week’s practical tool for avoiding stress patterns and moving through overwhelment.

feb full moon tarot spread 3The Prince of Cups is telling us that the Full Moon is offering illumination and inspiration through our relationships in the world. The Prince is a warrior, determined to find authentic and loving connections in the world.

In the next two weeks make decisions and take action from a heart-centered awareness of what circumstances and relationships in your life truly serve you.  There is extra support to help you move forward, like the prince, in ways aligned with your higher purpose.

These decisions and actions from the heart will help you stay focused and move through your personal patterns of distraction, stress, and overwhelment to which we will all be susceptible this spring.

feb full moon tarot spread 2When you commit to making decisions from a place of strong-heartedness, you’ll come into back into balance and feel your true alignment, represented by the Adjustment card. This will open your heart to all the gifts of inspiration and love that are available in your life, represented by the Ace of Cups.

The Adjustment card will be important this spring, since it offers many tools and teachings for staying balanced within. For more insight into this Full Moon spread, see the video below.

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Full Moon Tarot Reading

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