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Full Moon Tarot – Rely on Your Inner Light

Happy Full Moon!

It’s been a while since I have published a tarot video. My life has been very full these past three months, and the time has flown by quickly. I’m happy today to be back in the routine of Full Moon tarot readings and am eager to share today’s message with you.

The Full Moon is at 7:20 pm (PDT), Wednesday, July 1.

7-1-15 The current cycle, especially since the New Moon two weeks ago, is intensely charged and can be emotionally overwhelming.

This Capricorn Full Moon is offering support in the form of inner trust and confidence, and new insights into practical steps forward.

The Hanged Man, in the position of Body, is encouraging you to release attachment to external circumstances. The Hanged Man teaches about surrender and letting go of outer security in order to connect with inner light and inner truth.

The Princess of Disks, in the position of Mind, speaks to inner confidence and trust, and your capacity to commit to inner nurturing. She is fully grounded. Her staff has a huge diamond at the end, which expresses her ability to bring light into the world. (Those of you who know about The Octahedron Meditation will recognize the significance of the shape of her diamond. This powerful meditation is a very helpful practice during the intensity of this period of time.)

Death, in the position of Spirit, is a strong message of support for the transformation that is occurring.  Spirit is supporting your breakthrough, by releasing the old in order to give birth to the new. Again, trust is the operative word here. Whether you are experiencing expansion, or a time of letting go, there is a larger pattern unfolding. Work with the practices of the first two cards and trust in the process.

7-1-15-1The Queen of Cups, in the position of “Something Else to Consider,” appeared reversed in today’s spread. She represents emotional mastery, the ability to “see” with the heart, and help others see and experience their true essence. The reversal today is a message to take this ability within. “See” your own inner light.

This teaching about the mystery of inner light is hidden within the cards: The Queen of Cups reversed, placed above the Hanged Man, creates a complete sphere of light. If you have the cards, try it for yourself. It’s beautiful.

For a full description of the Tarot reading, see the video that follows at the end of this article.

Tarot Correspondences for the Full Moon Chart

7-1-15-ChartFor students of Tarot, the following correspondences will add further insight to the opportunities of the current Full Moon cycle.

  • Sun in Cancer (The Chariot)
  • Sun and Mars Conjunction: The Sun and Tower cards
  • Moon in Capricorn (The Devil)
  • Moon and Pluto Conjunction: The High Priestess and Aeon Cards
  • Uranus (The Fool) in Aries (The Emperor)

The Tower and Aeon cards give clues to the nature of the fire-y intensity of the current conjunctions of Mars and Pluto with Sun and Moon.

Uranus (The Fool) is providing a powerful opportunity to channel this power for breakthrough, especially in the coming week when the Last Quarter Moon passes over Uranus and delivers an extra dose of transformative Uranus energy.

For more information on the astrology of this Full Moon see Steven Shroyer’s article.

Full Moon Tarot Reading July 1 – 16

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