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Full Moon Tarot: Stepping into Your Destiny

Happy Full Moon!

You don’t have to be an expert in Astrology to know that this week’s Full Moon is especially powerful. All you have to do is feel the intense energies within your own life or just observe the intensity in the lives of those around you.

As always, when the Universe delivers this kind of intensity there is a larger opportunity into which we can step. That is certainly true this week. The opportunity with this Full Moon is nothing short of phenomenal.

Steven Shroyer and I have both written articles this week to help you understand the unique nature of the cosmic patterns. You’ll find links to those articles at the end of this post. They provide important background information to the tarot spread. As always, you can also scroll to the bottom of the email to watch the video.

Now let’s dive in.

Full Moon in Taurus is at 2:23 pm PST, Thursday Nov. 7.

Full Moon Tarot ReadingThe Aeon in the position of Body is confirming that you have the potential this week to step into a larger experience of your life purpose and destiny. Especially in this position, The Aeon represents an expanded perspective of Self and circumstances. This is the arrival of an expanded Self – you coming into a new relationship with the big You – your higher self.

This also represents practical manifesting. In the coming days you have the opportunity to release attachment to narrow perspectives of what is possible You can take your attention away from what is unfolding around you, and  release your attachment to how things need to happen. In this way the Universe can step in with a larger possibility.

The 7 of Wands, Valour, in the position of Mind (awareness) represents the importance of you committing to your intentions and what you know is true. The sevens are all about moving forward and the challenges we experience in the face of change. The central wand in the card represents you aligning with your strength and courage and will power.  This is Valour.

The Ace of Wands in the position of Spirit represents the gift of enormous cosmic vitality. The reversal is cautionary. Remember to take the vitality within – work with this gift internally before you act without. The power of what is being released will be overwhelming to some. It can be experienced as chaos. Keep your attention within to avoided being distracted or overwhelemed.

The Princess of Cups in the position of, “Something Else to Consider,” is the indication of your ability to experience joy and happiness, even bliss.  She represents you connecting from your inner heart and your capacity to love. She is a dancer and a dreamer. She, of all the cards in the deck, is the one who best knows how to embody and express the energies of Love in her life in practical ways.

My feeling is that we have the potential this week to pass through a gate of initiation into a larger, more expanded life. It can happen in very practical ways. The important thing is to remember your tools and your commitment to be present.

There are many who are traveling through very difficult circumstances now. If this is you, then realize that your ability to simply be present is your own initiation. Ask for the help and the support you need.

If you are in a place of relative ease and joy, then take the opportunity to offer support to another. Together we can also send collective support to the entire planet. We are all going through growing pains, the entire human family included.

Trust. Access your courage. Appreciate the gifts that unfold. Celebrate your life!


This Month’s Full Moon Tarot Video

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