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The Full Moon: Stepping from Chaos into Order

chaos to orderThe November 7 Full Moon offers you the potential to take a giant leap forward into joy and happiness, along with a new experience of your personal destiny and life purpose.

This opportunity comes with a challenge, which is all about your ability to master intensity by transcending limitation.

The Challenge

Many of you reading this message are currently experiencing enormous challenge. It may be in your personal life, in the lives of those around you, or in your awareness of planetary conflicts.

These challenges are not happening in isolation. They are part of a larger pattern of change.

As a planet we are currently in a phase of accelerated growth. This leads to increased intensity and potential disruption, since the pattern of acceleration destabilizes current forms.

This period of growth can be intensely challenging.  The rapid change can lead to feelings of disorientation, unsettled-ness and chaos. It is also common to experience fear and/or anxiety, especially if you are tapped into the larger field of mass consciousness.

Without the proper tools, at times like these it’s easy to feel like there is “no way out.”

The Good News

Despite the difficulty of these periods of growth there are also rich rewards.

Thursday’s Full Moon will deliver a new opportunity for release. There is the potential to channel all this intensity into new healthy expansion. Specifically you can experience a new feeling of freedom, and an expanded understanding of your life purpose and potential.

In order to receive this gift you will need to transcend the lower frequencies of intensity, including instability, overwhelment, and fear.

The ultimate solutions to the current difficulties in our circumstances won’t be found in the 3-D realm of experience. The solutions lie in higher consciousness and the larger perspective gained by connecting to the realms of light. You know you’ve tapped into higher consciousness when you move “above” the fear and experience love and the deep certainty that All is Well.

Here are my practical suggestions for raising your frequency and navigating our current phase of growth.

  • Care for your body. Your body needs extra support right now to help it withstand the physical/emotional/mental stresses of this time. Drink water. Eat whole food. Get enough sleep. Exercise. You know the drill.
  • Choose your point of view. Use your willpower in the moment to interrupt negativity and make a different choice. In this way you will minimize stress, negative thinking, and other detrimental habits that lead to overwhelm.
  • Enlist the support of your tribe. There is no overstating the importance of the strength and stability of community. Ask your friends for help and be willing to receive it.
  • Still your mind.  Mindfulness tools include various forms of meditation, breath work and mantra. These spiritual technologies are essential for transcending the trap of the collective unconscious. Find the tools that work for you and commit to them.
  • Laugh. Release the need to know (“Why is this happening to me?”) and laugh about the absurdity of whatever bedevils you. Spend time with those people who make you laugh. They are powerful healers.

To the uninitiated this Moon may feel overwhelming, but to those who know how to access and receive the gifts there is an INCREDIBLE opportunity for positive growth.

Remember to use your tools. Give yourself time for rest and quiet.

Above all, know that All is Well.

Resources for Turning Chaos into Order

Each of these resources offers practical and powerful support for this week and beyond.

  • Subscribe here to receive this week’s Full Moon Tarot Reading. You’ll receive additional insight and personal practices to help you understand the very special nature of this week’s opportunity.
  • Register Now to participate in tomorrow’s Monthly Manifesting Session. The theme this month is: “Tools for Managing Stress.” The session is tomorrow, Wednesday, at noon. You can listen to the live call or access the recording later. Either way you will be included in the distance energy session and receive a powerful boost of stability, confidence, and insight. Register Now!
  • Free audio recording and handout: The Octahedron Meditation.  This meditation teaches you how to activate a powerful tool for stability. The Octahedron already exists in your energy field. You just need to turn it on!
  • Subscribe here to receive Steven Shroyer’s enlightening Full Moon astrology article for this week.

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