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The Grand Sextile – Celebrate Your Essence

celestial-star-150x150Greetings on this very special day. This morning, July 29, we experience a most rare astrological event. At 10:43 am a perfect hexagon, or six-sided star, will form in the sky. This formation is known as a “Grand Sextile.” It delivers a blessing of wholeness, balance and harmony to our world.

What makes this rare blessing even more powerful is that the Sun is standing outside the six-sided star, channeling all of this expansion and Beauty into Light. This week the Sun – our very own Star – is offering each of us an expanded experience of our essence, and the gift of inspiration and illumination of our own life purpose. What this means is that you have the potential this week to expand into a whole new sense of your Self and what is possible in your life.

The Grand Sextile itself will last only a few hours, but the effects will last throughout the coming week. To receive and anchor this Cosmic gift of Illumination, all you need to do is move into your heart. Feel yourself expand into the harmony and balance of the moment. From here you will have access to the gift of deep well being and expanded sense of Self.

It’s rare in our busy and complex world to have such a moment of ordered harmony. Whenever possible this week, take a moment to stop and remember the gift of Well Being. Take a breath and move your awareness within your heart. Find your quiet center. From here you will connect with the Heart of the Sun and your own illuminated Essence. From this sacred place you will also remember the Truth that you, yourself, are a Star.

What inspired visions will you receive this week?


Elizabeth Schermer & Fundamental Feng Shui, Seattle, Washington

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