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A Fall Equinox Message from Egypt

Happy Equinox!

I write to you from my hotel balcony overlooking the Giza Plateau. The Great Pyramid fills my view. From this vantage point I truly feel that anything and everything is possible.

Blessings for Peace on the New Moon

Egypt in the glow of the SphinxI have just concluded a two-week pilgrimage on the Nile, visiting sacred temples and connecting more deeply with my own inner wisdom. These ancient sites hold a powerful spiritual technology that, still today, speaks of the larger possibilities for our lives.

The ancient temples teach that we are each born of the stars. You (yes YOU!) are made of starlight. There is wisdom buried within you that knows the truth of this statement, and feels the infinite potential of what is possible in your life.

Make Peace in Every Moment

Today (Sunday) is International Peace Day.  It is powerful to be here today amidst the courageous and peace loving people of Egypt.

There is a light in the eyes of the Great Souls I meet here. Despite the political and economic difficulties of the recent past, they are filled with optimism. They have faith and trust in the peaceful future that they will create together, and the courage and conviction to make it happen.

Amidst the power of these ancient sites and among these open-hearted people, I know with certainty that we have the capacity to create a better world.

New Moon Ceremony for Peace

At the culmination of my trip, early Tuesday morning my dear friend Irene Ingalls and I will travel on horseback out of the city to a quiet spot in the desert, overlooking the Great Pyramid and the Sphinx.

We will have private time there, on the eve of the New Moon, to meditate and anchor our intentions for planetary peace.

This New Moon coincides with the Fall Equinox. It’s available for you to anchor your own intentions for what you will create in your life. The astrology chart for this moon holds a strong alchemical formation called a Grand Trine. It supports personal creativity, in whatever realm you choose to focus.

The potentials for transformation are infinite.

Dream Big

I encourage you to expand into your biggest version of Self. From there, feel what is possible and set your intention to be of service to that dream.

There is a Great Soul within you, calling you forward.  This coming season of Fall offers extra support for expanding into a larger vision of your own purpose and potential. You will also have the opportunity to connect with others in new ways that support your dreams.

We each hold within the capacity to create a dynamic, creative, joy-filled world. It begins within our own hearts. I have learned this from my new Egyptian friends. (You’ll be hearing more about my new friends in the days to come.)

We are one family. The personal work we do benefits all. When we are fully in our hearts and fully aligned with our own power, anything is possible. Truly.

This moment is where it begins. Today I wish you the joy of connecting with the luminous light within, and remembering the deepest truth of your own divine being.

New Moon Manifesting

Irene and I will enlist the support of the New Moon, calling on the power of this ancient power spot and the wisdom of the ancestors. We’ll send the intentions for unifying light and love to all the points of discord throughout the middle east and beyond. The New Moon’s alchemy of transformation will amplify the work, and the energies of Equinox will strengthen our collaboration.

To tap into the Moon’s transformative alchemy in your own life, you can set aside a few moments to connect with the larger potentials that you imagine. You may want to light a candle and sit quietly. Some people like to write their intentions, some simply go to their heart and hold the feelings of their desires.

Ground into the Earth, feel yourself open to the stars, and then move your awareness into your heart. Feel the light of heaven and earth expand within, filling you and expanding beyond.

From this place you can hold specific intentions for healing for yourself, for loved ones, for circumstances personal or planetary.

The New Moon is at 11:43 pm Tuesday, Sept. 23. Visit Steven Shroyer’s New Moon Astrology article for more information on the special nature of this Moon.

Celebrating the Fall Equinox

Each year the Fall Equinox brings a new type of energy to Earth. It’s all about collaboration and co-creation.

Fall begins the second half of an annual cycle of growth. The first half, beginning with the Spring Equinox, initiates six months of personal growth and personal development. With the Fall Equinox we enter the season of group participation and group co-creation.

In the second half of the year, the highest potentials are available through collaboration with others to expand the potential of what can be created. The size of the group isn’t what matters. What’s important is the opportunity to bring your gifts and talents to a larger playing field so that something even bigger can be born.

During the days surrounding the Equinox the quality of Light we receive is extremely focused and strong. There is special opportunity for setting intentions now that will activate the seeds of potential for the coming 6 months.

 Ways to Reflect and Prepare for Fall

  • Access your eagerness and optimism for what is coming. This includes appreciation for all of the good that currently exists, and eagerness for all that you envision and feel. This is an important time to anchor in trust and confidence that your dreams WILL become manifest. When Fall arrives the magnetism of your field will attract the circumstances and Helpers you need to bring your dreams to form.
  • Feel the power of balance and equilibrium in your life. Inner balance is a quality of the will. In order to succeed in the world, you need to be able to maintain your inner sense of balance, and not be shifted by external circumstances. During this time of equal day and night, you have the opportunity to feel true “cosmic equilibrium” and expand your own capacity for inner balance. What is your current capacity for inner equilibrium? Where do you desire more balance? Set these intentions.
  • Connect with the power of the night sky. As the Sun recedes each year, our awareness returns to the night sky. We reconnect with the multitude of Stars, our reminder of our membership in the larger community of the Universe. Take time in the evening or early morning to revisit the night sky and your own favorite stars. To which star systems and constellations do you feel connected?

 Shifting from Self-Reliance to the Group

Spring and summer are all about self-reliance and personal development. Those are the seasons to practice personal empowerment. As you move into fall the focus shifts, and it’s time to be aware of your connections to others. Fall is about relationships. The skills of collaboration and communication will help you bring your personal dreams to form.

What are your skills in relationship? Where do you have room for growth?

  • Is it easy for you to ask for help?
  • When and with whom do you fall back on habits of self reliance and going it alone?
  • Do you have fears about giving up your power?
  • Are you able to release attachment to outcome in order that a larger vision may be realized?

The highest possibilities this fall lie in the creative power of your relationships. When you collaborate and share your vision with like-minded others, together you will create a larger good.

Upcoming Events

These October events are opportunities for you to receive a personal infusion of the wisdom teachings from Egypt.

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