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Happy Full Moon: Four Steps to Claiming Your Brilliance Now

Happy Full Moon!

Leo Full Moon and the Coming of SpringToday’s Full Moon (3:09 pm PT, Feb 3) coincides with the traditional Gaelic holiday of Imbolc, the festival of fertility, fire and light that celebrates the coming of Spring.

It’s quite rare for a Full Moon to coincide with two of the four cross-quarter points of the year.

With the Sun and Moon on these power points of 15º Aquarius and 15º Leo, a huge amount of energy is released to earth. This energy can be felt as the frequency of “fire and light,” and translates into enormous potential for creative change and expansion in your life.

For some of you this week’s Full Moon can initiate a life-changing opportunity for creative expansion.  Where in your life is the ‘leading edge’ of new potential? You will know by what inspires you.

The inspiration may come in the form of a new creative opportunity, or the completion of a long standing project, or clarity about an important decision or action. The transformation may even come through following the impulse to do an early spring cleaing project in your home.

As with any huge opportunity, there is an accompanying challenge. This huge release of brilliance and fiery creative potential can be overwhelming, and thus experienced as stress, anxiety or fear.

In the coming two weeks, whenever you are experiencing your personal flavor of overwhelm, I recommend that you make it a priority to return to center. In this way you can receive the creative gifts and claim your brilliance.

Four Steps to Claiming Your Brilliance Now

Strength/Lust, the Thoth TarotHere’s a quick summary of a basic process that can help you navigate the intensity of this Full Moon gift of fire-y light. These tools will help you move from stress to inspiration and establish habits of inner mastery.

  1. Breathe. Breath interrupts the mental chatter and brings you back into your body and the present moment. It also soothes and calms your nervous system.
  2. Pay Attention. Observe the details that surround you. Where are you now? What is in your immediate environment? Experience the sensations of this moment in time. (Imagine you are visiting Earth for the first time. What do you see/hear/smell/feel?)
  3. Return to your heart. Move your awareness within. Come back home to your Self and be present to your inner feeling nature. If you’re feeling nervous or afraid, where is that located? If you’re feeling expansive and eager, where is that? Feel your heart, feel your feet. Re-establish your inner center and your grounding to earth.
  4. Choose the Now. This step is the secret to success. When you feel yourself slipping back into stress, tension, or fear, use your willpower to interrupt the cycle and say “I Choose Now.” (Or “I choose this moment,” or “I choose Joy,” whatever phrase resonates in your body and brings you back to the present.) Then return to the first three steps and repeat until you feel aligned again and eager for what is to come.

The final step is a key to mastery. It requires determination and the willingness to interrupt the mental patterns that keep you anchored in old habits of thought.

Repeat these four steps as needed: Breathe; Pay attention; Return to your heart; Choose the Now. These steps will move you out of stress and back into alignment with your natural creative nature.

More Information

The following tools offer more tools to help you claim the enormous and exciting possibilities of this Full Moon.

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Claim Your Brilliance Now!

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