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Last Quarter Moon Tarot Sept 27


Listen to this week’s Tarot reading

This week’s Last Quarter Moon Tarot reading continues the theme that began with last month’s New Moon. It’s about connecting to your inner strength and vitality, and experiencing a new and expanded sense of Self and your potential in the world.

The central card is the 9 of Wands, Strength, in the position of Mind.  Make inner alignment, grounding to Source and Earth, your highest priority. Catch those moments when you lose your connection, and reconnect. Grounding “up” as well as to Earth is important this week.

The left card is the 6 of Swords, Science, in the position of Body. Circumstances this week will point to the interconnectedness and harmony of your life. Pay attention to synchronicities. Both your inner and outer worlds.

The right card is the Princess of Swords, in the position of Spirit. The Princess represents new mastery in the mental realm. You have access this week to a new clarity of perspective, and the determination and will you need to “cut through” limiting patterns and beliefs.

For extra help you can work with the Art/Temperance card. This card represents blessings this month from your Higher Self and guardian angels. You have access to new inspiration, new blessings, and new creative visions for the fall. See the Sept 9 New Moon Reading for more insight.

Elizabeth Schermer & Fundamental Feng Shui, Seattle, Washington

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