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Lessons from the Super Bowl – Claiming the Shadow and Finding Your Lust for Life

Seattle-SeahawksThere’s a parade in Seattle today. It’s expected to be the largest gathering in the history of the city.  We’re a little bit excited about our football team and today we welcome them home.

Did you see the Super Bowl? What unfolded Sunday on the world stage was a mythic story of courage, passion, and the power of redemption. This was alchemy, pure and simple. A group of young men who were suddenly larger than life, fueled by their shared vision and the pure strength and vitality of what they created together, surprised and astounded us all.

For me the story of this football team embodies the very potentials that are at work in the world today, and speaks of what is possible for us all.

The unprecedented success of this winning team lies in a culture based on values to which we can all aspire:  Authenticity, Optimism, Trust, Respect, Courage, Passion, Appreciation, Forgiveness, and the Belief in the “Impossible.”

Most importantly these values come from the top down. What has happened here starts with inspired leadership. Leadership that begins with forgiveness, the power of redemption, and calls forth the brilliance in those who have been rejected or overlooked in the world.

Today I invite you to consider the ways in which you can claim these values of inspired leadership for yourself.

Among the many stories of Pete Carroll’s leadership style, what sticks with me is the image of him making his ultimate decisions about players by “looking them in the eye.” He trusts a person’s passion and grit, rather than their past mistakes, and by doing so he releases their story.

Are you ready to access your own inspired leadership? Can you release your limiting stories of the past? Can you “look yourself in the eye?” Will you recognize your own true brilliance? Can you let go of mistakes and love every bit of yourself?

When you are able to own and embrace the totality of who you are, you call all the fragmented parts of yourself home.

Embracing all those parts of yourself that you’ve rejected or denied is what we call “claiming the shadow.” This the power of redemption that Pete Carroll’s leadership is demonstrating.

What results from this kind of forgiveness is vitality and joy and the willingness to give it your all. When you claim and celebrate the totality of who you are, that is when you find the strength that lies within. In this way you discover your true essence.

2014, the Year of the Horse, is a year of courage, passion, vision, and strength. Whether or not you are captured by the story of this young team of upstarts, you can take heart from their success and realize that you, too, can have a transformative experience this year.

It’s not a stretch to say that what happened for the Seahawks can happen for you, too. You can face circumstances directly and, with the force of your determination and vision, you can transform your life.

Nothing is impossible.

Welcome all the stranded parts of yourself home.  Forgive your mistakes. Release your old stories of limitation and regret. There are infinite reserves of strength and vitality waiting beneath the surface.

Take heart from the myth we have all just witnessed and claim that potential for yourself.

Be your own Coach Carroll. See the truth of your light in those fragmented parts of yourself and welcome them home.

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The kind of success we’re talking about rarely happens in isolation. True transformation is most possible within a community of support.

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Elizabeth Schermer & Fundamental Feng Shui, Seattle, Washington

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