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Your Month of Fortunate Blessings

Happy Lunar Eclipse!

Have you been feeling the vibrancy of this week’s Full Moon? Although my neighborhood was blanketed in fog during last night’s eclipse, the skies are clear here tonight and the Moon is spectacular.

The October Lunar Eclipse brings gifts available for a full month – until the next Full Moon.

Here are some of the gifts that can change your life in the coming month.

The Gift of Community

The Gift of Community

This month’s Zodiac sign of Libra is all about expanding your experience of community and your relationships in the world.  I like to think of this aspect of Libra as a huge Cosmic Dinner Party, where I connect with all my Helpers and receive an infusion of inspiration, collaboration, and nurturing support.

To the gift of community the Full Moon adds an infusion of personal power and a strong sense of self.

For Reflection: In what ways can you align more deeply with your inner sense of Self? How does this alignment deepen your relationships with others?

In a nutshell the Libra/Aries Full Moon expands your capacity to fully participate in the world.  You can receive the special gift of a deeper sense of Self and new vision of what is possible in your life.  You can stay in your power and pull to you those people and experiences who are a match to what you have to offer.

The Gift of Freedom

The astrological pattern for this month’s Full Moon supports a special kind of freedom from all forms of rigid limitations that restrict your growth and expansion into full potential.

For Reflection: In what areas of life are you experiencing frustration or struggle? What is the Freedom you desire?

Consider the possibility that areas of struggle are positive signs of you breaking through limits that are no longer a match. Imagine that these constraints are dissolving and allowing you to expand into more of who you really are.

The Gift of Inner Wisdom

The Lunar Eclipse opened a special doorway (portal) that brings a new gift of intuitive wisdom and fortunate change. This is the intuitive wisdom of your inner body and the inner Earth, the vast intelligence that guides all of life processes and all forces of change.  If you commit to connecting within, you can connect with this powerful wisdom.

For Reflection: Do you take the time to ground and listen within before taking action? Do you trust your inner wisdom?

The most powerful way to tap into this month’s remarkable potential for change is by connecting with your inner guidance and by enlisting the Helpers of the inner Earth.

Take a Quantum Leap

The gifts of a Lunar Eclipse transcend the normal confines of time. For the coming month the usual rules don’t apply, and you can experience quantum leaps forward in the areas of your highest potential.

For Reflection: What are your dreams? What inspires you? In what ways are you called to be of service to the greater good?

Think big here – there are no limits! This month the seeds will be set. The changes and transformations will unfold in the days and weeks and months to come.

Summing it Up: Your Recipe for Success

Here’s the simplest way to access your greatest good this month:

  • Celebrate your community. Re-connect with close friends. Share what inspires you.
  • Pay attention within. Trust your Inner Guidance. Align with natural rhythms of change, both letting go and creating the new.
  • Focus on appreciation. Choose to amplify the good in your life.

Most of all, don’t be distracted or pulled off-center by external circumstances or the stress of others. Remember that the most powerful gifts this month will come from connecting more deeply to your own inner wisdom. This is your inner bridge to the Helpers of Transformation who are waiting to support you on your golden path.


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