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Lunar Eclipse Tarot Reading: Oct 8 – Nov 8

Happy Full Moon!

This week’s Lunar Eclipse is bringing you a gift of Freedom, Positive Change, and connection to your Inner Wisdom.

Inner Wisdom and Positive Change

The Aeon, Thoth Tarot and The Alchemy Mystery SchoolA Lunar Eclipse always offers a special gift. This gift transcends normal limitations of time and allows you to make a quantum leap forward in your life.

The gift of our current Eclipse is a new connection with your inner wisdom and the alignment with powerful forces of change. This gift of wisdom and positive change is available for the entire month, until the next Full Moon.

In Tarot, The Aeon card represents this ability to step into wisdom and experience the larger vision of what is possible in your life.  It also represents the planet Pluto, which plays a key role in this month’s astrology.

See the end of the article for a summary of the Lunar Eclipse astrological chart, as well as a video of this reading.

The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse is at 3:51 am PDT Wed, Oct. 8. The gifts of Wisdom and Positive Change from this Eclipse are available for an entire month, until the next Full Moon on Nov. 8.

The Lunar Eclipse Tarot Reading

Thoth Tarot Lunar EclipseMost significant in this spread is the appearance of two Aces, representing gifts. In this case they specifically refer to the gifts you can claim from this month’s Eclipse.

The Ace of Wands at the center of this spread, in the position of Mind, represents the gift of freedom. This is your potential for transformation, courage, and enthusiasm for new beginnings. This gift of fire is also expressed in the Aeon card.

The Ace of Discs in the position of Body represents the gift of Wisdom. This is wisdom that comes through grounding into the Earth and within your own inner body. This wisdom aligns you with natural forces of positive change. This is your key to accessing freedom.

The Queen of Swords in the position of Spirit represents new levels of mastery in your ability to make good decisions. This is the Mind aligned with compassion and integration. The Queen of Swords is also master of finding peace between opposing views. Ask for Help this month in making decisions from this place of inner alignment and clear sight.

Lunar Eclipse, Thoth Tarot The ChariotI drew a fourth card, asking for “additional guidance.”

The Chariot offers a clear message of the fortunate blessings that are available to all of us in the coming month.

The Chariot reminds us that in order to move forward in our highest path (the “yellow brick road”), we must remain balanced within. In this card the warrior is pulled forward while seated in the lotus position, holding the spinning wheel of fortune.

There is nothing to fear in the change ahead. The Chariot brings a message of encouragement, representing you on your own golden path of positive change.

To Fully Experience the Gifts of this Eclipse

In the coming month:

  • Listen within. Ask to connect to your own wisdom and the wisdom of the Earth.
  • Trust that All is Well. Allow the release (dissolution) of what no longer serves you.
  • Feel the eagerness of what is coming.
  • From this place trust your ability to make good decisions.

Remember, you are in a place of new birth, opening doors into new possibilities and new potentials.

Have an amazing month!

Summary of the Astrology Chart

Astrology Chart for the Lunar Eclipse of Oct 8, 2014In the astrological chart for this Eclipse, you can see the perfectly formed “Kite” including the Sun and Moon. The Kite signifies the gift of inspired freedom, integration, and new possibilities.

The power spot of this chart is Pluto in Capricorn, squared the Sun and Moon. This represents Pluto’s capacity to dissolve all forms of limitations and structures (Capricorn) that hold you back. With this dissolution you step into the full potentials of the transformative Kite, experiencing new freedom, new possibilities, and new awareness of your own potential.

Finally, the Moon at the moment of Eclipse is in 16 Aries. This is the point in the sky where the portal opens. The Sabien symbol for 16 Aries describes the capacity to connect with the spirits of Nature. These are the elemental energies and intelligence of the Earth as well as our own bodies. This is another aspect of the gift we receive for the coming month. Read Steven Shroyer’s complete astrology article here.

This Month’s Lunar Eclipse Tarot Video

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