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New Moon Tarot – A Gift of Emotional Freedom

Happy New Moon!

The Chariot, Thoth TarotThis week’s Cancer New Moon offers you a gift of emotional clarity and freedom. You can receive a new capacity to live from your heart and come into full relationship with all of the circumstances of your life.

“The  Chariot” of tarot corresponds to Cancer, teaching us how to be at home in the world by navigating our life with trust, confidence, and inner security.

The following New Moon Tarot reading is offered with the intention to help you access the blessings of the coming days.

The New Moon is Wednesday, July 15, at 6:24 pm PDT.

New Moon Tarot Reading, Thoth TarotIn the central position of Mind, the Ace of Swords represents a gift of Inspiration and Clear Thinking. This is your Mind in full alignment with your Heart, able to receive new understandings and access new wisdom and knowledge.

“Clear thinking” was one of the gifts of the previous lunar cycle. Set your intentions now to receive this gift of inspired Mind, and launch your new month with new understandings, insights and growth gained from your recent experiences.

The Princess of Swords in the position of Body, represents your ability to “wield the Sword” of new insight in your daily life. The Princess is you, applying new understandings and insights in order to experience new clarity in all forms of circumstance and relationships.

Set your intentions now to experience fresh perspective and insights, seeing with new understanding, while cutting through the density of old ideas or beliefs. You can also set clear boundaries in your relationships. Experience new capacities to say “yes” and “no” from your empowered heart.

The Seven of Wands, Valour, in the position of Spirit, represents your ability to hold firm to your commitments and remain aligned with your highest good.

If you find yourself challenged to hold firm, especially in the face of emotional intensity or uncertainty, ask for help. There is support for willpower, creativity, and new possibilities, and your Helpers will support your intentions.

Princess of Cups, Thoth TarotThe Princess of Cups is the “outcome” card for this reading. She represents a gift of love and a new capacity to experience deep levels of emotional freedom and trust. The Princess is dancing in joy. She is that aspect of you who embodies bliss.

The experience of emotional freedom through integration of Heart and Mind is the gift of this New Moon.

Set your intentions in the coming days to be fully present, to show up to your life with clarity, to set healthy boundaries, and to receive the emotional fulfillment and freedom that is available.

See the video at the end of this article for more information.

New Moon Astrology Chart

New Moon Astrology and Tarot ChartFor students of Tarot, the following correspondences will add further insight to the opportunities of the current New Moon cycle.

Click on the image to see expanded descriptions.

For more information on the astrology of this New Moon see Steven Shroyer’s article.

New Moon Tarot Reading July 15 – Aug 14




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