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The Star – Activating Radiant Abundance in 2015

Happy New Moon!

I am eager to share today’s message of blessing and light.

The Star in Thoth Tarot Tomorrow’s New Moon (Jan 20, 5:43 am PT) launches the month of Aquarius. This is such a powerful opportunity that I am sending this month’s New Moon reading in two parts.

Today’s message focuses on the opportunities of Aquarius, which is represented in Tarot by The Star.

The Star represents your connection with your inner Light and your Higher Self. It also speaks to a new capacity to align with the Helpers, with your intuitive Guidance, and with the abundant well being of Love.

Above all, The Star is a card of blessings from above. Tuesday’s New Moon amplifies your connection to these blessings.

Take a few minutes today to connect with your Light.  One effective way is to amplify the frequency of appreciation. This brings you into natural alignment. Then feel your eagerness for your intentions this year,. Finally, feel the truth that you are loved.

Abundant blessings are on the way!




Elizabeth Schermer & Fundamental Feng Shui, Seattle, Washington

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