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New Moon Tarot: Beauty, Trust, and Love

Happy New Moon!

Adjustment, Thoth Tarot

This Libra New Moon marks the mid-point of the multi-dimensional portal that opened with last month’s Lunar Eclipse. You are invited now to expand into new realms and new dimensions of awareness.

In the midst of this growth, the New Moon offers new forms of inner stability and balance that will allow you to integrate the expansions.

This is especially true regarding any areas of life in which you are experiencing growth and change. (Remember, expansion can also show up as discomfort in the form of growing pains.)

The Tarot card for Libra is Adjustment, which illustrates very clearly the ways we can step into new potentials this month. (I explain more about this in the video.)

The New Moon is Monday, Oct. 12, at 5:06 PM PDT

New Moon Tarot Spread, Thoth TarotThis is an inspiring spread. For starters, check out the synchronicity of the Adjustment card appearing in the center. This affirms support, and that you have everything you need now to find your pathway to inner alignment.

The reversal of Adjustment in this case isn’t about blockage, rather it holds an important key to unlocking the potential.

I encourage you to listen directly to the video message with this spread. Something unusual happened today and I’d like you to experience the shift first hand. In the reading I also share three additional cards to conclude this spread.


For those who are ready, this New Moon is offering the invitation to step directly into a new experience of expanded awareness, focus, and inner calm.  This new balanced awareness will enable you to come into vibrational alignment with your dreams.

Dream Big! The world needs the gifts you have to offer.

For more specifics on this amazing New Moon I highly recommend that you also read Steven Shroyer’s New Moon Astrology article.

New Moon Tarot Reading Oct. 12 – Nov. 11



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