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New Moon Tarot – Celebrating Spring Equinox

Happy New Moon!

As you may have heard, this very special New Moon and Solar Eclipse falls on the final degree of Pisces, and occurs just hours before Spring Equinox.

Queen of Wand, Thoth TarotThis combination of events signals an enormous release of creative energy and new momentum in your life.

The Queen of Wands rules this transition from Pisces to Aries. She signals the inner mastery of self-confidence, inspiration, and courage. These qualities are available to you, now, in the inner realms.

You can call on your inner “Queen of Wands” to carry you forward into the coming days of creation.

For today’s Tarot reading, I used the Queen of Wands as our Significator, asking for practical guidance for sowing the new seeds of potential for the year to come.

New Moon Tarot Reading, March 30, 2015The Queen of Discs, in the position of Body, signifies the importance of tending to practical matters of personal vitality. She is the card we’ve been using since Winter Solstice to help us learn how to navigate the Goat Year.

Her message today is all about connecting with your body’s wisdom and your deep inner security. She reminds us of the importance this spring of nurturing our inner vitality, through all forms of self care. This includes spending time in nature and receiving nourishment from the beauty and harmony of the natural world.

The Hermit, in the position of Mind, signifies the truth that that you are, indeed, on your personal path. It’s by tending to well being in the physical world that you ground and connect to your potential this spring. Personal vitality will support everything else.

The Two of Swords, Peace, in the position of Spirit is emphasizing the importance of mindfulness and inner calm. I think of this as the meditation card. It’s all about a balanced peaceful calm mind. Your ability to connect with vitality (Queen of Discs), and stay aligned to your path (Hermit), is rooted in your ability to set aside time every day for quiet and re-connection to Source and Self.

Thoth Tarot, Seven of Wands and EmperorThe importance of simple mindfulness practices can’t be overstated.

The current force of change is strong and can easily lead to stress if you lose inner alignment.

This importance for inner calm is emphasized by the fourth card, the Seven of Wands, Valour.

The sevens teach us about maintaining alignment during change. The Seven of Wands says, “Slow down, take your time, connect within before you act.”

At the conclusion of the spread, I was guided to draw one additional card.

The Emperor is the Tarot card for Aries, and the initiation of Spring. The appearance of this card is a powerful synchronicity emphasizing the importance of today’s message.

The Emperor is saying “This message is real. Pay attention!” I love this affirmation of the relevance and personal nature of this spread.

Thanks to each of you who are reading and listening to these Tarot Readings. Thank you for “paying attention.” This ongoing project is a work of love, and it’s your eagerness that helps to call forward the guidance. I extend appreciation to each of you for sharing this unfolding adventure.

Happy Spring. Happy New Life. This life is precious. Take time in your busy days to honor and celebrate the physical world, including the miracle of your own body.

I wish you each abundant well being and much happiness in the days to come.


New Moon Tarot Reading Mar 20 – April 18

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