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New Moon Tarot: Happy Solstice!

Happy Solstice!

This year our annual gift of light is super-charged, as the Winter Solstice coincides with the Capricorn New Moon.

We have the opportunity this year to receive an extra dose of light, inspiration, healing, and personal blessing. My feeling is that if you’re able to align with these potentials over the coming days, then the next six months hold the possibility of delivering extra-ordinary blessings throughout your life.

This week’s tarot spread offers some very practical advice to help you receive your gift of light. (Note: The written description is much abridged. For more details please consult the video recording.)

Winter Solstice is at 5:25 pm Sunday, Dec. 21. The New Moon is in 1° Capricorn at 5:36 pm PST.

New Moon TarotThe 10 of Cups, Satiety, in the position of Body reminds you of the importance of focusing on appreciation and the abundance that already exists in your life.

The 2 of Wands, Dominion, in the position of Mind is affirming your capacity to access self confidence and the will power you need to maintain balance and alignment.

The Princess of Swords in the position of Spirit affirms that there is help available to support you in transcending limiting patterns. Ask for help accessing will power and releasing whatever holds you back from believing and affirming your deservability.

The Moon, Thoth TarotThe Moon, in the position of “something else to consider,” offers an affirmation of the mystery and magic of this time. This card literally represents the New Moon, the darkness of this time of year, with all of the power that is held in the night.

The scarab at the bottom of the card is holding the promise of new light with the rising sun.  This is a message of the hope of Solstice. It is a message spoken directly to you, who hold your own Light within.

This is the season to receive the hope of new life. In doing so you nurture your inner light.

There are new potentials and new possibilities germinating within you and all around. Nurture them within.

Celebrate the wisdom of the night, the birth of light, and the new life that is growing within. Celebrate the mystery. Celebrate your blessings. Celebrate your visions and dreams, and celebrate the inspiration of what will come.

Have a blessed Solstice.

With much love,


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