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New Moon Tarot: Becoming the Artist of Your Life

Happy New Moon!

If you’re like many of us, the past month has had its share of challenges. Scorpio can be like that. It carries the opportunity for transformation, often in the form of difficulty, release,  and deconstruction. This is a necessary part of the harvest season. You are ‘composting’ what no longer serves you.

In the coming month you have the opportunity to create new beginnings from these challenges.

Thoth Tarot Art (Temperence)This week’s New Moon accompanies the birth of Sagittarius and brings the gift of fire, inspiration, and vitality.

The gift of fire allows you to “burn through” whatever is holding you back, and come to new understanding about the underlying meaning and perfection of your circumstances.

The month of Sagittarius is represented in Tarot by “Art,” also known as Temperance. This represents the Art of you bringing forth your essence and expressing your unique Self in the world. It’s also about burning through or transforming obstacles and coming to a new place of balance and equilibrium.

The New Moon is in 1° Sagittarius on Sat., Nov 22, at 4:32 am PST.

11-21-14-1The Knight of Wands in the position of Body represents an infusion of vitality in your life. This comes in the form of eagerness, inspiration, intuition, and willpower.

The New Moon is amplifying the fire of Sagittarius. You can harness this vitality to shift momentum, overcome inertia, and take action in the direction of your intentions. There’s unlimited support now to do this.

The 4 of Swords, Truce, in the position of Mind represents the need for inner balance and equilibrium. In order to harness this gift of fire you must first come to balance, especially in terms of any form of conflict within your experience.

There is opportunity for mastery now by harnessing the mind and accessing higher awareness. Be prepared to let go of limiting perceptions of conflict, wherever they appear. Use the gift of vitality to access new (‘higher’) perspectives and intuitive understandings. Let go of outcome and simply be present to what is.

The Moon in the position of Spirit indicates access to wisdom and new understanding. This is especially true regarding any circumstances that feel murky, dark, or mysterious. Ask for help in accessing this inner wisdom, new perspective, and peace of mind.

New Moon Tarot Reading, Thoth Tarot, Sun, I drew a fourth card, asking for additional insight into the opportunities this month.

The Sun, reversed, speaks to the gift of Inner Light. As we move into the dark days of the year, we have the opportunity to connect more deeply with our inner wisdom and the light within. This is also a reminder to eagerly anticipate the birth of light that comes in exactly one month at winter solstice. This birth is referenced in the Moon card, where you can see the scarab holding the Sun just beneath the horizon.

To set your New Moon intentions, reflect on what inspires you as well as those challenges which you wish to burn through. Ask for help coming to inner balance regarding conflict, wherever it appears.

Trust the wisdom of the night and connect with the Light within. Remember that this month is all about inner Alchemy, using the harvest of the year to dissolve your ‘old life’ in order the create the New.


This Month’s New Moon Tarot Video

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