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New Moon Tarot: A Gift of Vitality and Personal Power

Happy New Moon!

Strength/Lust, the Thoth Tarot Today’s New Moon in Leo brings a gift of creativity, vitality, and inspired leadership.

Leo is all about helping you access your creative power. The tarot card associated with Leo is traditionally called Strength. In the Thoth deck, the word “Lust” refers to your capacity to claim your inner Lustre, your brilliance and inner light.

The following tarot spread will help you connect with the natural potentials of the coming days.

Have a wonderful month experiencing new depths of inner brilliance and discovering new ways to experience your personal power in the world.

The New Moon was at 7:53 am, Friday August 14.

New Moon Tarot, Thoth TarotThe Ace of Wands in the position of Body indicates a gift of vitality, creative inspiration, and will power. You have the opportunity now to receive this new gift internally and also experience it through your life circumstances.

The Five of Cups, Disappointment, in the position of Mind is encouraging you to pay attention to the ways in which you respond to circumstances. There is the opportunity with this Moon to let go of old patterns in order to expand into new possibilities.

You may experience the old patterns as emotional disappointment, or they may appear as worry, fear, stress, or thoughts of defeat. Either way, the birth of new vitality can burn through  the limitations. All you need to do is recognize the pattern and trust in the release.

Adjustment in the position of Spirit is a strong message of support. This card represents your ability to navigate life through inner strength and balance. There is help available now to experience new levels of empowerment, specifically through maintaining inner balance in your relationship to circumstances in your life.

This month’s gift of vitality and inspired leadership will follow your ability to move within your heart, acknowledge your deepest feelings, and trust in Source to deliver the highest outcome.

Wheel of Fortune, Thoth TarotThe final card, Fortune, in the position of Something Else to Consider, is affirmation of the blessings available.

At the highest level this card represents your ability to fully participate in the unfolding of your life as a master of Co-creation.

In this spread The Wheel of Fortune is a message of blessings to come and encouragement to trust.

Jupiter is the planet connected with this card and figures prominently in the New Moon astrology chart.  This synchronicity affirms the support available for your expansion and new birth in the direction of your highest good.

For more information on the New Moon, watch the following video and read Steven Shroyer’s astrology article.

New Moon Tarot Reading Aug 14 – 29

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