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Full Moon April 14 2

[New Moon Tarot Reading] Abundant Well Being Is Yours

Happy New Moon!

Yesterday’s New Moon (5:14 am Tues, Jan 20) initiated the month of Aquarius, symbolized by The Star in tarot.

Today’s reading was thrown with the intention to help us each connect with our inner light this month.

New Moon Tarot ReadingThe Queen of Disks is the central card in today’s spread. This is the position of Mind or Awareness. You have the potential this month to connect with new levels of inner mastery. This is mastery of your inner vitality and well being. It’s also your ability to embrace your light and your unique aspects of brilliance.

The Queen of Disks creates new worlds through her ability to thrive. In the coming days commit to your inner alignment. Focus your thoughts on well being, appreciation, and expressing the truth of who you are. Then take action to follow through.

The 8 of Wands, Swiftness, in the position of Body or Circumstances, represents your capacity to take clear action in the coming days. This is action from the place of alignment. The rainbow at the top of the card is speaking to your connection to light and positive potential. The octahedron behind the red lightening bolts is the reminder to tend to your alignment. This is the source of your clarity and capacity for decisive action.

The Princess of Disks in the position of Spirit is a message of hope and reassurance that you are being nurtured, and that all of your dreams for the coming year are already in place and waiting for you. The Princess is master of embodiment from a place of trust and confidence. Source is supporting you in these aspects.

The Princess reminds you to trust and claim the well being that is your birthright.

The Star in Thoth Tarot The fourth card, “Something else to consider,” is The Star. This is a powerful synchronicity since this is also the card representing the coming month of Aquarius.

The message here is affirming the importance of today’s reading. This is a card of blessing, speaking to your connection to your Higher Self and all of the Helpers in the realms of light.

There are infinite blessings and abundant support available to you now and in the days to come.

I wish you a wonderful month of much happiness, vitality, and creative expansion.


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