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New Moon Tarot Reading: Aug 25 – Sept 23

Happy New Moon!

The Virgo New Moon marks a pivotal point in the annual wheel of the year. This is a time when you can activate new levels of mastery in your life. Focus now, and when the Fall equinox arrives next month you will be prepared to step forward into new possibilities, new relationships, and new creations.

This month’s Virgo New Moon is especially powerful. There are four planetary pairings that create the possibility for real and lasting breakthroughs in your life. (You will find a link to the astrology chart at the bottom of the article.)

The following New Moon Tarot Reading offers you practical advice in how to realize this potential for breakthrough.

The New Moon is on Monday, August 25, at 7:13 am PDT.  You can work with these potentials throughout the coming month.

New Moon Tarot ReadingThe Knight of Wands, in the position of Mind or awareness, signifies your potential for breakthrough. There is no holding back the Knight of Wands. He is determined to break through all obstacles and move forward in the direction of highest vision and possibility. This represents the aspect of you that is fueled by the possibilities this month. You are “all fired up” and riding the wave of momentum. You are breaking through whatever has bound you in the past, fueled by your will, intuition, creativity, and courage.

The 4 of Swords, Truce, in the position of Body, signifies the importance of maintaining a balanced approach and perspective within all the circumstances of your life. There is a process taught with this card that can be most helpful: “Show up, Pay attention, Speak your truth, and Release attachment to outcome.” This 4-fold practice allows you to stay in balance at all times.

The High Priestess, in the position of Spirit, shows you in alignment with your own wisdom and higher self. The High Priestess is also the tarot card that represents the Moon. This is a strong message about the powerful support this month for you to create lasting change in your life. The matrix grids of light in the painting represent the infinite potentials that are available and ready to come into form.

Virgo New Moon Tarot ReadingThere is an additional message in this reading. When I first drew the spread, the first two cards appeared reversed, as they do in this image.

The reversals show a potential activation of conflict, represented by Truce reversed, as well as the upside-down Knight. His shadow side is to “run amuck” – lots of energy moving in every direction without focus or purpose or clear intention. Both cards show the possibility of missing the mark this month.

New Moon Tarot Reading - AdjustmentI drew a 4th card, asking how we could unlock the Knight’s potential for breakthrough, stay balanced (4 of Swords), and remain connected with our inner guidance and the manifesting power of the Moon (the High Priestess).

The message of Adjustment (Justice) is to tend above all to your inner alignment, your ability to “adjust” to circumstances by maintaining your inner equilibrium and sense of balance.

For those who know the cards, this is a breathtaking synchronicity. At the highest level, the figure in the Adjustment card is no less than the High Priestess herself. AND, if you will notice, she is balancing on a sword, the sword of mastery of the 4-fold practice in the Truce card.

This card represents you, connecting with your inner guidance (High Priestess), as you engage, moment-to-moment, in your daily life.

The message here is clear. In order to experience breakthrough, both releasing the past and manifesting new desires, your work is to show up and navigate the present moment with as much inner balance and grace as you can muster.

The first practice of the 4 of Swords, you may remember, is “Show Up.” This is a great place to start. Ultimately I recommend having all four tools of the practice at your disposal. It can’t get any more practical than that.

Enjoy the month. I’m planning on big breakthroughs. I look forward to hearing about yours!

To learn more about the New Moon astrology chart, visit Steven Shroyer’s New Moon article at www.seattleastrology.org.

This Month’s New Moon Tarot Video

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