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New Moon Tarot Reading: Claiming Your Path of Purpose

Happy New Moon!

The Hermit, Thoth TarotThe Virgo New Moon is all about helping you connect to your inner guidance and your path of purpose in the world.

In the tarot, Virgo is related to The Hermit. Through The Hermit we learn how to walk the path of the mystic in practical ways.

The Hermit isn’t about leaving the world or being alone. Rather, it’s about connecting to your inner light and then bringing this inner light of your highest potentials into your daily life. In this way you illuminate your path as well as the paths of those around you.

Virgo helps us get clear. With this New Moon you can receive clarity to help you integrate and bring forward the gifts, opportunities, and accomplishments you have experienced thus far this year.

In the coming month you can also experience emotional expansion in your relationships, bringing healing where it’s needed and allowing you to connect and collaborate in expanded ways with others who support your path.

The following New Moon tarot spread will help you ride the wave of creative momentum in the coming weeks.

The New Moon is Saturday, Sept. 12, at 11:41 PM PDT.

New Moon Tarot ReadingThe Princess of Disks, in the central position of Mind represents a new capacity for grounding and embodiment.

The radiant octahedron at the end of the Princess’ staff is the same diamond that lights the Hermit’s lantern. This represents your capacity now to connect with your inner light and bring it into your life.

The fact that the Princess is pregnant signifies that you are in a process of gestation. You can access absolute trust now about the truth of the the new creations that you are bringing into the world.

Adjustment in the position of Body represents your ability now to come into alignment with your circumstances. This alignment comes from inner strength and clarity (supported by the Princess of Disks).

Adjustment is also the tarot card for the Fall Equinox and the month of Libra, which begins on September 24. In our spread the card appeared reversed, signifying the importance now of integrating circumstances in order to prepare for moving forward. (I say more about this on the recording.)

The Princess of Cups in the position of Spirit speaks to the opportunity for emotional expansion and freedom. The astrology chart for this New Moon indicates healing in personal relationships as well as expansion and new learning with others. Along with the expansion in your relationships comes the opportunity for healing of old wounds that may be holding you back. Remember that there is help available.

The Three of Swords, Thoth TarotThe Three of Swords, Sorrow, appears reversed in the position of Something Else to Consider. The reversal is speaking directly to the opportunity for healing and integration of all forms of sorrow and disappointment that may be holding you back from full expansion.

It is significant to note that this is the very same sword that appears in the center of the Adjustment card. The opportunity now for healing of past sorrow will directly support your ability to integrate and bring forward all of the gifts of previous experiences.

You can ask for help now in claiming these gifts, including wisdom and new insights from circumstances in the past that may have brought you sadness.

Significance of the Solar Eclipse

This month’s New Moon is accompanied by a partial Solar Eclipse. This event occurs when the Earth, Sun and Moon are all on the same plane and the New Moon casts a shadow over the Sun.

During the eclipse the Sun provides an additional boost of extra-concentrated fuel to the wave of potential released by the New Moon. Not only is the eclipse adding power to the New Moon, it is also laying the foundation for the gifts of the Lunar Eclipse which occur in two weeks, on Sept. 27.

The following video offers additional insights. You can also read Steven Shroyer’s New Moon astrology article here.

New Moon Tarot Sept. 12 – Oct 11

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