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New Moon Tarot: Finding Your Treasure Within

Happy New Moon!

Thoth Tarot, Death and ScorpioThis month’s Scorpio New Moon is on Wednesday, Nov. 11 at 9:47 AM PT.

Scorpio is all about going deep. This Moon supports your ability to go beneath the surface of things, to see beyond superficial appearance and connect with the deeper truths of your circumstances.

In Tarot the zodiac sign of Scorpio is represented by the Death card. This doesn’t mean physical death but rather transformation and the letting go of what is not necessary in order to connect to what is more authentic and true.

Scorpio is all about power. Being a water sign, this is power that comes from deep emotional authenticity, your connection to essence, and the vitality that dwells below the physical appearance of things.

The power of Scorpio is the power of the depths. This New Moon holds the gift of uncovering the surface of your circumstances to reveal deeper hidden truths and meanings. Be prepared to discover new treasures, perhaps in the most unexpected places!

Some Themes of the Scorpio New Moon

Scorpio represents: Transformation, restoration, risk-taking, depth of character, inner strength, support from ancestors and lineage, living fully from the heart, and transcending and releasing all forms of limitation.

Setting Intentions with the Scorpio Moon

As you connect with the opportunity for new birth at the beginning of this Lunar cycle, you might ask yourself:  What inspiration is calling me forward? What is my deepest heart’s desire? How deep am I willing to go in order to access my authentic truth? What fears or hesitations are holding me back from fully stepping into larger visions of possibility? How can I release personal limitations in order to expand into new collaborations and larger potentials? How can I more fully connect with ancestral wisdom and bring it forward?

The following New Moon Tarot Reading holds practical advice for coming into alignment with the adventure that lies ahead.

New Moon Tarot Reading Nov. 11 – Dec. 11

Elizabeth Schermer & Fundamental Feng Shui, Seattle, Washington

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