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New Moon Tarot Reading – New Gifts of Happiness

This month’s New Moon Tarot reading highlights new opportunities and new gifts coming to your life.

The Taurus New Moon occurs at 11: 42 pm PDT Monday, April 28.

You may remember that we are in a special “cosmic doorway” of potential, following the April 15 Lunar Eclipse. This doorway will be open through May 11, and allows you to make quantum leaps of growth. The gift is of expanded awareness of your own personal power and potential. This will specifically happen through your ability to embrace the unexpected, and look for the gifts within any experiences of contrast in your life.

Knowing the power of this special time I drew a New Moon tarot  personal guidance for each of us.

The New Moon Tarot Reading

New Moon Tarot Reading The Fool, in the position of Mind, affirms your expansion into new potentials, new birth, new possibility. The Fool also carries the reminder that new birth most often comes through the unexpected. Remember to embrace all circumstances that unfold, even those that are uncomfortable or difficult. There is treasure within.

The 10 of Cups, Satiety, in the position of the Body, affirms the experience of emotional fulfillment and happiness. This is also a reminder to pay attention to the present moment, and to look for the blessings in your current circumstances. This attitude of appreciation for what “Is” will keep you available to the expansion being offered.

The 5 of Swords, Defeat, appears reversed in the position of Spirit. This signifies support to release limiting patterns of thought and negative thinking of all forms. In what ways does negative thinking appear in your own life? Pay attention to these old habits. They’re up for release! When “Defeat” is released it opens the possibility for new insights and expanded awareness.

New Moon Tarot ReadingThe Prince of Disks reflects your creative manifesting potential this month. The Prince of Discs is the Builder. He creates in the physical world and learns through experience. This card is a direct expression of the opportunities for new growth available to you during the month of Taurus.

I was guided to draw one more card. The Emperor affirms your confidence and empowerment. He is also a direct reflection of the recent past (Aries), and a reminder to anchor in the blessings of what has already come to form in your life.

By working with the alchemy of the five cards represented here, you will find the confidence, courage, and determination to fully embrace the unlimited potential of your circumstances. There’s much happiness and new growth available in the coming days.

This month celebrate the blessings in  your life. Focus on appreciation. Be available to the unexpected. There are many gifts in store.

For more insights check out the video below. You can also read Steven Shroyer’s full astrology article on the Taurus New Moon

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This Month’s New Moon Tarot Video

New Moon Tarot Reading April 28 to May 28



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