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New Moon Tarot Reading Oct 4

Adjustment "Justice" Tarot CardThis month’s New Moon Tarot Reading celebrates the gifts of Libra.

In the Tarot, Libra is represented by the Adjustment (Justice) card. The archetype of Adjustment speaks to developing inner balance, by developing your will and your ability to choose from within while you navigate life’s circumstances.

Adjustment enables you to participate in your life with grace and ease, and celebrate all your circumstances. See how She embraces the sword while dancing on her toes!

Libra is  also associated with relationships. This month you can strengthen your capacity for inner balance and order by focusing on all of the relationships in your life.  This means your relationships to circumstances and physical manifestations, well as your relationships to others. Your relationships with the world are your greatest teachers.

I drew this New Moon spread while contemplating on Adjustment, and asking for guidance to help us all access the highest possibilities in the coming month.

The central card, in the position of Mind, is the Devil. Don’t worry: the Devil does NOT represent evil! To the contrary, he represents full vitality and embodiment in the physical world. When we release fear and all victim-thinking, we are able to embrace our relationship to all the circumstances of our life, even those that “bedevil” us. The Devil reminds us to proceed with humor. He says: “Don’t take it personally!” Like the Goat, we can navigate difficult circumstances and relationships if we remain centered within.

The card to the left, in the position of Body, is the Prince of Wands. He represents our ability this month to approach our life circumstances with courage, strength, and vitality. Don’t shy away from full immersion in the life around you. Use the teacher of the Devil to be fully present and learn all that you can about yourself and others. The Prince of Wands can be gracious and noble, however when he’s depleted he can be impatient and short tempered. Circumstances this month may be intense. Use the other tools expressed in the reading if you find yourself being irritable or impatient with yourself and others.

The card to the right, in the position of Spirit, is the Two of Cups.  This card represents a blessing of balance and inner harmony. This is a lovely synchronicity that supports the deeper themes of Adjustment. If you feel disorganized or out of sorts by the intensity this month, remember to take a breath. Then ask for help from within. Calm, balance, and inner harmony ARE available.

The 4th card, representing something else to consider, is the Knight of Cups. This card is a powerful affirmation that we are on a path of personal mastery. The knights are master manifesters, and the Knight of Cups is a master of relationships and following the path of heart.

Have a wonderful month!


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