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New Moon Tarot – Preparing for the Year of the Goat

Happy New Moon!

This week’s New Moon (3:47 pm PST, Wed Feb 18) initiates the Chinese New Year.  The year of the Wood Goat begins on Thursday, the day after the second New Moon following Winter Solstice. It delivers an annual tide of new energy for us all.

I’ll send another article very soon with specific auspices for the Wood Goat year. For today’s spread I asked for practical and personal guidance to help us each move into this new year with grace and joy.

New Moon Tarot Reading, Thoth TarotThe Chariot in the position of Body (Circumstances) is indicating the blessings that lie ahead. To the degree that you can approach life with trust and confidence you can expect to move forward in significant ways on your path.

The Lovers card in the position of Spirit affirms the opportunity to connect directly with inspiration and intuitive guidance. This is about your relationship with Self and your ability to connect more clearly to the authentic aspects of your ‘higher’ nature.

Authentic and nourishing relationships are a big part of the auspices for the coming year. Much of the growth this year will be through authentic community. Your first step in connecting with others is to affirm your connection with Self.

The Empress, in the position of Mind (Awareness), signifies your capacity to “think” from the heart. With the combination of cards on either side, the Empress represents an ability to truly live from your heart nature. She teaches you how to be present to yourself and others with kindness and inner strength.

The appearance of three major arcana cards suggests the strength and blessing available with this Moon. In other words, there is much spiritual support available as we step into the Year of the Goat.

The Prince of Swords, Thoth TarotThe Price of Swords is the 4th card of the spread, offering some practical advice for connecting with these larger potentials.

In his most balanced aspect, the Prince is the Warrior of the Mind. This represents your determination to leave behind negative patterns and step fully into the “reboot” of the new year.

In his depleted aspect the Prince of Swords represents the chaos of the ungrounded mind, swirling in all directions.

This is a cautionary reminder to commit to your inner will. If you experience any form of stress or chaos, move back to the calm of your inner heart space. Remember your intentions and feel your desire for the blessings that are on their way.

There may be negativity or chaos influences swirling around you, but you don’t need to succumb. A calm clear mind, centered in your heart, will bring you into alignment to receive the infusion of new potentials arriving with the Moon and in the days that follow.

New Moon Tarot Reading Feb 18 – Mar 20

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