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New Moon Tarot Reading – A Recipe for Creative Success

Happy New Moon!

New Moon Tarot - LeoThis past week we stepped into the month of Leo, which connects us to the elemental forces of creative fire, vitality, courage, and confidence.

The Strength/Lust card represents Leo. This is your ability to fearlessly connect to your deep inner power and life force, your own true “lustre.”

This month’s New Moon which occurs at 3:42 pm PDT, July 26, allows you to harness this creative vitality of Leo in order to set new creation  in motion.

The New Moon astrology chart features a “kite formation.” This kite form signifies your capacity to realize new potentials and bring new creations into the world. You can see an example of the chart here.

The following New Moon Tarot Reading offers practical guidance as to how we can each come into alignment during this special time.

New Moon Tarot ReadingThe Ace of Wands in the position of Body, represents the literal “Gift of Fire.” This is the fuel that will infuse your life circumstances with vitality, inspiration, imagination, courage, and confidence.

The Queen of Cups in the position of Mind, signifies the importance of aligning with your own quiet inner truth. The Queen of Cups is the master of the emotional realm and of Wisdom held in the heart. She holds a mirror to others to help them see what is most loveable and true. It’s time for you to turn that mirror of love on yourself!

The Ace of Discs in the position of Spirit affirms the potential for new manifestation. This Ace delivers the “Gift of Form.” In the position of Spirit, this is form that hasn’t yet materialized – it’s still in the planning stages. A reminder to trust that all will unfold with perfection. Also the message that Spirit will be sending the perfect circumstances for your own creative play.

New Moon Tarot ReadingThe Two of Wands, Dominion. is in the position of “Something else to consider.” This is the card of inspired self confidence and the alignment of inner will. This is your work this month – to harness the potentials.

The two Aces in the New Moon spread affirm that there will be LOTS of energy swirling. It could feel chaotic, and it will be your job to use your inner tools and practices to harness all of this creative power.

In conclusion, I would like to offer two important messages from the Queen of Cups to insure your success.

First, to harness creativity remember to connect with your inner realms of love.  Find your inner stillness. Center and ground. Feel your creativity rising from within, and then you’ll be able to channel all of this fire-y potential into new forms.

When you’re in alignment your imagination and creativity will be unstoppable. Success is all but guaranteed.

Second,  remember to release attachment and operate from trust. When you let go of expectation and allow the Universe to unfold you create space for unimagined success to occur.

Now, Go Fly that Kite!

To learn more about the New Moon astrology chart, visit Steven Shroyer’s New Moon article at www.seattleastrology.org.

This Month’s New Moon Tarot Video

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